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Mr. President,

I highly doubt that you watched the various television coverages of the March for Our Lives, and doubt that your news of choice, Fox, will say much about the march other than to put it down as a bunch of ‘spoiled liberal kids’ following the orders of the ‘liberal establishment’s agenda, whatever that is.

I am certain that your golf games and fancy life at Mar-a-Lago was sufficient to distract you from anything real in the world. I am certain, with your wealth and white privileges, you feel sufficiently insulated from the millions of people, young and old, of every race, creed, ethnicity, religion, and political persuasion in our nation to believe you and your GOP can continue as you regularly do and ignore what the American people want and need and continue to feather your own nests. But, sir, that is a luxury you can NO LONGER enjoy.

If you HAD watched the coverage (and heaven forbid you’d actually attend and offer support) as I did, you’d have seen literally millions of young people of all ages in over 800 cities in the U.S., besides those in DC, stand together and show a level of maturity and concern for our country that neither you nor the party you claim to lead has shown in an epic number of years.

They also showed a level of political awareness that everyone in DC, regardless of party, should both envy and fear, because these ‘kids’ are motivated and angry and ready for battle, and they are coming for you.

I am only 1 month younger than you, and undoubtedly would rise to your definition of “losers” you so often use to insult Americans who disagree with you. But I suggest, sir, that I am a million times better off than you. I went to school through college, and didn’t have the advantage of wealth. I also had the real advantage of teachers that taught me to THINK, something you have been bereft of and the lack of which ability you continue to display. And I despair of any change in you, which saddens me greatly – not for you, necessarily, but for our nation. But I can hope; after all as the old adage says, “Hope springs eternal…”

My suggestion, Mr. President, is to Take a break from your imperial ambitions, find a quiet place and watch some real coverage of the march. Read some history. Get out to the rest of the country, away from your toadies and sycophants and listen to what your citizens are saying. See the pain and suffering that exist in what is supposedly the richest nation on earth. But mostly, learn to CARE, about the poor, the children, the elderly and sick.

You now have the choice, sir. You can continue your course and destroy our country, or you can grow up, join the majority of the American people and TRULY make our country great again.


Jon Rogers

And Letters2Trump



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