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Mr. President,

Over the past year, I have tried to understand you and your fan base. I force myself to watch Fox News from time to time, I read Hillbilly Elegy, and I frequent The Hill news source often. It perplexes me how hearing different perspectives hasn’t helped a light bulb turn on in my head; I still don’t get it.

So I turned to my 7th grade students to help me. I asked them to share their comments, questions, and suggestions regarding you and your Presidency. I hoped their insights would give me yet another point of view on what you’ve done and/or could be doing for this country. Instead of summarizing their thoughts, I decided that I would use their words and create a found poem from them.



can’t you just accept


race, gender and religion?

You should respect people

that are different than you.


Why not

just make it mandatory

for women and men

to be paid equally?

Women deserve

to have a voice,

they are not just for looking at —

they make a difference

and are very powerful people.

You should be more respectful

to everyone

including women.


Why not

Increase national parks


of Decreasing them?



build a WALL

when you have the chance

to build a BRIDGE?

America is a nation built on immigrants,

you should make it easier

to get citizenship for immigrants

because they

are the future of our nation,

whether you want to accept it

or not.


You should help out communities,

for the sake

of the people,

and help us

build our country

and make it a wonderful place

to live in

and experience.

People choose to come


because they have

a voice.



You need to stop

spending money on vacations

and put it to better use.

For example

feeding the hungry.


— from the words of Aiyana, Evie, Maisie, Kevin, and Sydney

The poem reminds me that many people in this country (of all ages) don’t understand your thinking as well as your decision-making. We are disappointed that your presidency is more about tearing people apart than bringing communities together. The legacy you are leaving is sad and disturbing.

Also…my 7th graders recently researched and wrote biographies of famous people. They could choose anyone that they looked up to and that had overcome adversity. Students chose President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Jane Goodall, Winston Churchill, Bill Murray, Missy Franklin, J.K. Rowling, Malala, Jackie Robinson, and many more famous citizens of the world. Their choices remind me that students are keen judges of character and are still able to find hope and encouragement from many adults in this world. (Btw, nobody chose you.)




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