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Mr. President,

A week after you were elected, I wrote a few things that were bothering me. It took that long because my brain was spinning out of control. I could not eat or sleep. I wanted to start a fight with everyone that looked like they were happy because that would surely indicate they voted for you. As I looked over my notes, I noticed that as bad as it seemed then, it is so much worse. And better.

17 Nov 1016

After a week of trying to justify/come to terms with the presidential election results, I still cannot believe that half of the Americans want a bigot, a racist, a narcissist, a liar, a fraud. I believe that he will not fulfill the entire term. And that is even worse because Mike Pence will be even more of a terrorist to everyone except conservative white males.

Trump has several people on his transition team that seem to be placed as favors. His children, his son-in-law (this is especially troubling to me as I cannot understand the reason that he is so far up on Trump’s list…I think that maybe Trump picked this guy to be his daughter’s husband which causes me to think that Trump’s control of his children is fierce and absolute).

That there is a possibility that Ted Cruz could be a Supreme Court Justice is sickening. And Steve Bannon? How can that be anything except a vote for white supremacy? I am truly afraid that my children and grandchildren will be targeted, and the leader of this country will watch and be content.

Certainly, some would have been unhappy if Hillary had won. But if Hillary had won the election, millions of folks would not be living in fear.

Church and State are supposed to be separate, not tangled up so tight that no one can discern between them. This will be a terrible transition and maybe we will see some sense in the future.

As you can probably notice, my thoughts were disjointed and rambling. I have been working on that but have not really worked it all out yet!

So, worse. The past 14 months have been a study in chaos. You have destabilized so much. In broad strokes, you have begun the downfall of: Education. Healthcare. Immigration. Taxes. The Supreme Court. Gun control. Respect for the press. Any foreign alliance we had one year ago. Really, any policy that affects the young, old, poor, sick, and anyone that is not Christian, white, male, heterosexual.

And finally, better. Women’s Marches. #Metoo. Renewed interest in politics and more importantly, running for office. Various courts overturning many of your policies. And so much more.

There is hope. Maybe that will be your legacy. You have messed things up so badly that we cannot just sit back and let someone else fix it for us. There is a rebellion. And it will not be over until our world is a better place for all of us.



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