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Dear NY19 constituents and all other constituents of congressional reps taking money from the NRA,

Fact: Guns operated by people often do kill people. Fact: Cars operated by people often do kill people. Not every car owner kills people, and not every gun owner kills people. But the potential is there to do so.

Rational beings have made death by car less likely by imposing regulations: car owners must register their vehicles, data is filed with the state, and those cars must be inspected yearly to ensure that the owners and others are not endangered by faulty vehicles. Those wishing to drive a car must be of a certain age, must have passed both a written and use test, and then must receive a license indicating that they have been certified. This license must be carried by the operator each time he/she drives.  The car and anyone who operates it must be insured against any accidents to the driver, passengers, and others. Using the car, the driver must obey state and local regulations at risk of fine, loss of driving privileges, and possible imprisonment.

Jack Sawyer is an 18 year old currently being held on charges of plotting a school massacre.  Despite recently leaving a treatment facility for “troubled teenagers,” he was able to purchase a 12 gauge pump shotgun and 4 boxes of ammunition at a local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Why? Ask Congressman Faso (NY 19) and all the other politicians who have taken thousands from the National Rifle Association.

Call Faso out (202.225-5614): demand rational gun regulation. And vote.


Anne McCabe, NY19

And Letters2Trump








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