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Dear companies still holding hands with the NRA…(especially FedEx, Amazon, Google, and Apple),

As a teacher of 19 years and a mom of two kids, one of them in middle school, these past two weeks after the Florida shooting have been very tough emotionally.  The feeling of sadness and hopelessness swept in waves and I tried my best to avoid arguments with people on the topic of teachers carrying guns. One thing about hope that I’ve learned over the years is that it rises from the ashes of our darkest moments. The second I considered becoming one of those head-shaking grumpy cynics who believes all humans suck, a few amazing and awe-inspiring events happened. For one, seeing our very own kids rise up together and pronounce to us, the adults, that enough is enough had a powerful impact on this whole country. Second, companies stepped beyond just business and dared to break silence and engage in politics. The companies below are companies that either discontinued part or all of their business with the NRA or limited their sales of high-powered weapons in some way. I personally tweeted each one and thanked them profusely for caring enough to cross over into politics for the sake of this country and our children.

Alamo @Alamo

Allied Van Lines @alliedvL

Avis Budget Group @Goavisbudget

Best Western @bestwestern

Chubb @chubb

Delta @delta

Dick’s Sporting Goods @dicks

Enterprise @enterprise

First National Bank @FNBOmaha

Hertz @Hertz

MetLife @MetLife

Paramount RX @ParamountRX

SimpliSafe @simplisafe

Symantec @symantec

Truecar @truecar

United Airlines @United

Walmart @walmart

Wyndham @wyndham

To the businesses quietly standing on the sidelines, praying not to be noticed in their utter non-action, or too fearful to take a stand against the NRA, I quote you the late historian Howard Zinn, “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.” This is the time, the momentum is now; being neutral only helps the NRA continue to reign supreme over all our lives. We have your back. We, meaning the 243,563, 910 non-NRA member adult Americans in this country have. your. back. Last, please don’t think that taking a half-ass stance is a form of bravery or is going to count. FedEx for example, thought they could play both sides of the fence and walk away unscathed. Yet, coming out publicly and stating that your business does not endorse assault rifles while failing to break ties with NRA is the same as non-action, if not worse. Be brave, be bold, be fearless. The country is ready to take a stand alongside you; don’t let us down.


A mom and a teacher

And Letters2Trump


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