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Image from Every Town for Gun Safety

Mr. President,

A kid walks into a school with an AR-15 and several full thirty round magazines of ammunition. He starts shooting. Students start running, screaming, tripping over dead or wounded students, and maybe slipping on bloody floors. Pure chaos.

Amidst all this insanity, a teacher is supposed to see to the safety of her students, then draw her firearm and coolly exchange fire with the shooter, hopefully disabling or killing him, while not disabling or killing any of the other students who are running and screaming. Does this sound like a good solution to you?

It’s hard enough getting good teachers into schools these days. The added burden of paying for weapons and the law-enforcement level firearms training this solution demands to make it even remotely viable is simply asking too much. Nobody wants to train to become a teacher then end up acting as a corrections officer. Is this really the ideal we’re aiming for now? Wouldn’t you rather just put an end to the shootings before they even start? Wouldn’t that be better?

I’m sure there are many other reasons why arming teachers is a bad idea, like how it would create an adversarial relationship between teachers and students, and so on. And I know this isn’t YOUR idea because it’s a bad one, and you don’t have those. Fire the person who recommended this nonsense and let’s get busy with the assault weapons ban. And then let’s let teachers just teach.



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