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Image from the LA  TImes

Dear President Trump, Republican Legislators, NRA Lobbyists, Apathetic Voters, White Supremacists, and other Empty Barrels,


Take heed. The children are coming for you. They are tired of you propping them up and trotting them out to make a political point about family values. They know that you have proposed cuts in public health and the SNAP program, that you have withdrawn tax deductions for college tuition and adoption expenses, and that you have hired a myriad of domestic abusers to work for you while destroying families through mass deportations. They understand hypocrisy.

They are coming for you.

They have read and discussed history and understand that when white supremacy rears its ugly head, like it did in Charlottesville, Charleston, on an Amtrak train in Nebraska, Aztec, New Mexico and college campuses throughout the country, there are NOT good people on both sides. They are taught by intelligent women, learn with erudite black classmates, play with immigrant teammates, are mentored by LGTBQ coaches, are treated by Latino practitioners and know that these integral members of their communities are not the problem. They are these people. They understand scapegoating.

They are coming for you.

They have run. They have hidden. They have crouched. They have prayed. They have bled. They have cried. They have texted good bye when hours before they kissed their parents and got on the bus worried about little more than a chemistry test. They have mourned. They understand terror.

They are coming for you.

They know how to research gun death statistics by date, by state, by country, by region, by demographics, they know how to read charts. They can look up political donations and cross reference them with votes on state and federal legislation. They know how to decipher media. They recognize legitimate sources and can discern fake news. They understand spin.

They are coming for you.

They know they have a voice. They exercise critical thinking. They are just now realizing that adults will attack children if it serves their need for power. They walk. They march. They write. They shout. Soon they will vote. They understand elections.

They are coming for you.



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