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Mr. President,

The following is a list of what I want for myself:





Health care


I want these things for myself because they make me feel secure. These few things are also things I want for my husband, my kids, my parents. The rest of my family. Friends. Colleagues. Acquaintances. All Americans. All humans. Even you, Mr. President. I want these things for people I know but also for people I do not know. Because I am a decent human.

The necessities are easy: adequate food, safe drinking water, a warm home. But I want a little bit more. A decent job with a promising future. Affordable health care. Freedom to make the right choices for me. This is not too much for me to ask. And it is not too much for everyone else to expect either.

But in America, kids, the elderly and many in between are going without food. We have whole cities that must import drinking water. Homeless numbers are increasing. These are basic human needs. What are you doing to help?

Jobs. Or better yet, careers. Do you think that a single parent with a high school diploma can provide for her children? What about two parents with minimum wage jobs? A living wage is not a big ask.

Health care reform is needed. Everyone agrees. Other countries have systems that benefit both the care giver and the receiver. We have many stable geniuses here in America. Why can’t we figure out how to make this work for Americans also?

I want to be free to choose my religion (or lack of) and not be ostracized. I want to be able to read the news and know what I am reading is true. I want to be able to kneel on the sidelines during the National Anthem and not be demonized. I want to rejoice in the diversity of my friends and family. These simple things are not so simple now.

And I want something else. I want a president who wants to unite Americans. I want a leader who can think for himself. One who makes decisions for the greater good, for generations to come. A leader who listens before he talks. A leader who is decent.



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