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Mr. President,

Last week was your first State of the Union.  It is not surprising that you made false claims about size of the viewership, as that is your MO.  Fact checkers also noted that many of your claims were unfounded or untrue. Again, none of this is surprising as this is how you behave.  From the campaign trail to the White House, you continue to spread lies, rumors and fabrications.  Forget terrorists, I believe that you and your consistent and constant erosion of our democracy are the biggest threat to our country.

I find it difficult to call the U.S. a “union” today.  You have created a divisive country not a united nation.   Many of those who voted for you said they did so because you weren’t a politician. Yet you have certainly played politics with every decision. As president, you should not be governing as a zero sum game scenario.  You are looking at all decisions as a winner (Republicans) and a loser (Democrats) instead of the needs of all Americans.  If you looked past yourself and saw not only the current state of the country, but what your decisions mean for the world and generations of Americans to come, I think you would be a better president.  Your uninformed philosophy and policies that follow on the environment will impact the world long after your short time in office.  Globalization is a key to safety and prosperity for all people, yet your narrow view of just your base as the ones who should fare well will be another downfall of your presidency.

An example of policy that needn’t involve politics is DACA. The majority of Americans have supported a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers since 2010.  Even Republican Lindsey Graham quoted a Fox news poll that said stated 79% of the public supports a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers including 63% of Trump voters.  Yet you chose to pit these Dreamers against your need to win.

What this country needs is a good leader.  Leadership professionals agree that great leaders possess certain traits including honesty, respect, integrity, humility and self-awareness.  I see none of those traits in you. You are not Presidential.  I believe “Presidential” would be too much of a stretch for you; being a decent human would be the first step.  Again, let me explain to you that you represent the American people – all Americans, not just the ones who voted for you or who lobby you or who provide your campaign donations.  In public, you have mocked people with disabilities, made inappropriate sexual comments and said profane things about African countries.  Practice human decency and you will go much farther.

Your methods are also creating a mockery of the presidency and our country.  Aside from being more humane and telling the truth, the next biggest lever to turn around your image is to stop Tweeting.  Why not listen to your aids and your supporters?  A Quinnipiac University poll conducted between Jan. 5 – 9 found that 69% of voters would like to see you stop tweeting from your personal Twitter account.  The poll also found 49% of Republican voters would rather have you stop tweeting.

As you begin your second year, take advice from great leadership experts and reflect on your own practices. Be honest, show respect, be humble, listen and create situations for compromise and win-win solutions. We need to strengthen the union not break it apart.




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