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Dear FBI and Department of Justice Employees,

Please stand fast. We need you.  Don’t give up. Don’t leave.  You are the frontline defense for the country.  The next 13 months will be hell.  We need you to plow through it. This may be the hardest, and most significant, law enforcement effort you have ever been called to do. It’s all new ground.  We rely on your expertise, your experience, and your wit to help pull us through this crisis.

You have pledged your life to the rule of law, advancing justice, and upholding the Constitution.  In normal times this includes protecting us from terrorists (foreign and domestic), pursuing organized crime, solving heartbreaking kidnappings, and investigating a wide array of complex criminal activities.  Because of your commitment, talent, and hard work we have been kept amazingly safe from the very real and active threats from our adversaries.

Now we need you to stand together against the enemies who have infiltrated our government – the threat inside the gates.  The Russians, the Trump Administration, and the complicit Republicans in Congress know they must get through you, and the free press, in order to fulfill what appears to be a goal to destroy American democracy.  Like a mafia organization, they will do anything to establish a Trump oligarchy in the United States. There are no laws, decorum, or standards they won’t break. No lie is too big. No action out of bounds.  They do not respect the rule of law or their own oaths of office.

I sit in horror watching the attack on our institutions.  Unlike the crook, Richard Nixon, the Trump administration has a state television network. A network unhooked from reality and committed to pouring hatred and lies into the body politic – Fox News.  And, for some unknown reason (probably related to pay-offs or bribes or the overwhelming desire to destroy Social Security) Trump seems to own the House of Representative Republicans.  So here we are…

There seems no way to let you know, individually, personally, that the majority of Americans are on your side.  We see what’s happening.  We don’t know how to get the message to you that we are here for you.  We want you to hold the line.  We need you to add to your focus on external threats, the sad fact that the threat is down the street in the White House.

Now more than ever, we need your professionalism and commitment.  We need your best game.  Don’t be discouraged by the ongoing attacks upon your agencies.  The level of vitriol stems from the fact that you are effective defenders of the rule of law.  You’ve never been needed more.

Remember your oath.  Be proud that our enemies feel the need to target your efforts.  You, together, are a formidable power protecting all of us.  We appreciate it.  We appreciate it. We appreciate it. Take the attacks as a source of pride.  We need to come through this together.  History will be on the side of the FBI and the Department of Justice.  The House Republicans, in particular, will be harshly judged for abandoning the trust placed in them by the American people.  We are waiting for the first of that judgement to be dealt in November.  We need you to hold, we need you to lead, we need you to stand firm.



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