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Dear L2T Editor,

Mr. Trump’s hypocrisy is well known. Running on a promise to build a wall with a projected price tag of $2.5 billion, improbably financed by Mexico, is about as clever and successful as the Maginot Line of WW I.  Campaigning, Trump promised to retain Social Security and Medicare, yet supported a bill that would have slashed $500 billion from Medicare and one trillion from Medicaid. Trump said his tax cut would not favor the rich. However, the top 1% will receive 83% of the tax bill benefit while adding one trillion dollars to the national debt, our debt.

But the complicity of Congressional Republicans is most troubling. The first bill passed by this Congress in January 2017 was the Rules Bill.  One of the rule changes made the transfer and or sale of public lands and monuments easy by removing the past practice of having such a transfer go through committee. Now without question, the Republicans could take from the nation and sell to their friends who just got those big tax cuts. Trump was the cheerleader, but the entire Republican House voted this through.

The second rule change that all Republican Congressmen voted for was a change in the ownership of all documents generated, held, or received by a Congressional office. This change makes investigation of illegal actions harder for agencies to perform and prosecution more difficult.

Yes, Trump must go, but so must all those Republican Congressmen. Vote them out; end their greed.


Anne McCabe, N.Y.

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