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Dear Congress and the American People:

I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that we have this man in the White House elected, not by “We, the people,” but by a Republican Congress.  After a year’s campaign, and a year in the White House, I can’t believe that he’s still there, still supported by Republican representatives and a minority of citizens.

It would seem that his supporters and the Republican party are OK (or willing to turn a blind eye) with the facts that he is unqualified, a sexist, a sexual predator, a racist, a bigoted bully, and a liar.  They are OK with the fact that he persists in promoting policies that ensure an increase in present inequalities and corporate giveaways, that he denies facts, disparages science, and has betrayed his populist promises.  They are OK with his unconstitutional power grabs and illegal efforts to roll back health, safety, consumer and regulatory protections.  They seem to accept his conflicts of interests and an administration packed with corporate CEOs, Wall Street executives, and lobbyists.  It’s OK by them that he refuses to divulge his tax returns and proposes a tax structure that will worsen income inequality.  They’re OK with their tax dollars going to support weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago, to say nothing of the tax dollars going to protect his entire family.  And then there’s the billions of tax dollars to be spent on a Wall and denigrating, banning, and deporting immigrants from this country.

What I find especially concerning is a willingness to support his attack on the environment, adding billions of dollars to an already bloated military, and threatening a nuclear war with North Korea.  If anyone thinks this is not serious, I suggest you read Nicholas Kristof’s OpEd piece in the Sunday Review of the New York Times (10/5/17) on his last visit to North Korea, entitled “Inside North Korea, and Feeling the Drums of War.”

All of his daily, absurd antics and tweets aside, the above point to not just an incompetent president, but a dangerous one.  He has no moral center and cares nothing about the country and people he represents.  He has placed our democracy and planet and all sense of decency at risk.  This man is not a president; he’s a failed businessman and huckster.

I accept the fact that the world will not always be as I’d wish it to be, but that doesn’t mean we need to sit and bemoan the situation.  We must find ways to act.  To those of you who agree, I recommend we support progressive candidates out there who promote the following priorities:

  • Health care security with a Medicare-for-all system
  • A $15 minimum wage
  • A Wall Street speculators tax to fund investments in education and health care
  • Creating jobs by rebuilding roads, bridges and transportation systems
  • Investing in education, medical, and scientific research, and clean energy
  • Eliminating billions in wasteful Pentagon spending

We and the planet and all its life are in danger from this administration.



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