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Mr. President,

I was driving home tonight, tired after a long day of work. Though it was sometimes frustrating and 100% busy, there were a lot of high points for the day. So I was in a good mood.

Then I turned on NPR.

All they talked about was you. Wondering why you were so quiet this week. Speculating on your reaction over budgets. The one-day shutdown. Your negotiations with Chuck Schumer that died on the vine. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. I felt my energy ebb, my mood drop. I couldn’t listen to your voice or even just newscasters discussing you.

I turned off the news and I thought, “I have Trump Fatigue.” And then I wondered, “Is ‘Trump Fatigue’ actually a thing?”

So I Googled it and…..yes! “Trump Fatigue” is in fact a thing, and it is very common!

And, in fact, not only are there multiple articles about it, Vox even offers strategies for combatting “Trump Fatigue Syndrome”:

  1. Understand this is a long-term fight that won’t be resolved immediately.
  2. Don’t let Trump set the agenda anymore.
  3. Be mindful about media consumption, especially social media.
  4. Take some time off, and be okay with not always knowing the latest about everything that’s happening.

I think the most important one is Strategy #2: Don’t let Trump (that’s you!) set the agenda. And thankfully, I think you are helping us with that.

There are already several posts about the January 20th March to the Polls. According to Reuters, “An estimated 5 million people participated in the nationwide rallies in 2017, making it one of the biggest protests in American history.”

But know this:

These women who marched last weekend are the same women who marched last year. They have not only switched from simply resisting you, but they are the driving force behind changing the way liberals, progressives, moderates, and even middle-of-the-road Republicans think and work together.

We are so freaking tired of you that instead of reacting to everything you say, we are now ignoring you. We are focused, our eyes on the prize: the 2018 mid-term elections. And as we know from the 2017 off-year and special elections, so far so good.

So keep on keepin’ on Mr. President. You go ahead and keep up your Tweeting antics. We may be tired of YOU, but we are fueled by the fight for humanity.




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