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Dear Congressional Republicans,

Though at times it felt like it would never arrive, it’s 2018 at last.

Time to pay the piper.

Do me a favor, would you?  Read through this site – surf the archives and pick any days you like at random.  Review the innumerable instances where your buffoon president, the loser of the popular election by over three million votes yet somehow our leader, has not only embarrassed our nation but threatened the security of our homeland and the very democracy upon which the republic has been built.

I’ll wait.

Now: understand that all of that nonsense, bluster, poor judgment, irrationality, rushed judgment, word salad, and downright dangerous behavior is on YOU.  It has been YOU, congressional Republicans, who OWN all of what the tiny-fingered orange “genius” has wrought on our country.  YOU who have enabled and overlooked and now supported his insanity.  The transcripts of the GPS Fusion hearing, released yesterday by Senator Feinstein, make this crystal clear.  The questions put to the witness by Republican members – I’m looking at you, Lindsay Graham and Chuck Grassley –  are designed not to further uncover Trump’s involvement with Russian mobsters well before the election, but to smear the witness himself.  You are part of the obstruction, critical to the obfuscation, that keeps the lunatic president enthroned.

You claimed you only needed someone who could sign your legislation into law, and made no other demands upon the character of that signatory (this despite not being able to actually pass any bills that do not benefit your ultra-wealthy backers).  You created a monster who you are unable to control and now, rather than reining him in, you merely excuse and rationalize the destructive path he cuts.

It’s clear from reading the first-hand accounts of the white house staff – in news articles and now full-length books – that the president is unhinged and unfit for office.  He does not possess the requisite experience, temperament, interest or capacity to execute his office. And yet you allow him to stay put.  You shield him from criticism.  You smile and shrug at his tirades as you fill your war chests and collect your tax rebates.

He’s yours.  But come November, you will finally realize the price for your enabling.

I’m past railing against the president.  It’s like yelling at a petulant child who screams and throws a tantrum in the aisles of the grocery store.  He can’t understand you through his wailing and, in the end, it’s not really his fault anyway.  It’s the fault of his parents.

You’ve allowed your bratty kid to rage too long.  In November, you can all expect to be escorted to the exit.

Don’t let the door hit you as you leave.




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