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Photograph from the Latin American Bureau

Mr. President,

Yesterday this site posted a letter to the 200,000 Salvadorans asking for forgiveness following the announcement by the White House that they were ending their Temporary Protected Status and must leave the country by 2019.

I need to remind you, however, that it is not only Salvadorans but also the other populations under Temporary Protected Status, including migrants that arrived from Honduras and Haiti.

Your administration has already ended TPS for 60,000 Haitians effective July 2019, and it is likely that you will ask 86,000 Hondurans to leave the country too.

It would be easy to mention that sending these folks out of our country would be incredibly traumatic to them, that each of these countries is dealing with a variety of issues including poverty, high crime rates, gang violence, drought, or political instability.

But let me point out the harder to swallow consequences of sending these folks out of the United States.

According to statistics compiled by the Center for Migration Studies:

  • “The labor force participation rate of the TPS population from the three nations ranges from 81 to 88 percent, which is well above the rate for the total U.S. population (63 percent) and the foreign-born population (66 percent).”
  • “About 27,000, or 11 percent, of those in the labor force are self-employed, having created jobs for themselves and likely for others as well.”
  • “TPS recipients from these countries live in 206,000 households: 61,100 of these households (roughly 30 percent) have mortgages.”
  • “TPS beneficiaries from these nations have an estimated 273,000 U.S. citizen children (born in the United States).”

You can download entire report.

So what will happen to the employers losing their employees or the employees losing their employer, to the neighborhoods where these folks contribute to their communities, and, most importantly, to the futures of their U.S. born children who will soon be left without parents or uprooted from the only home they have ever known?

I know you care about winners and losers, and here no one wins, we all lose.

I was heartened to hear about a positive bi-partisan meeting you held today to discuss legislation regarding DACA and overall immigration reform.

Push to include these TPS migrants as part of any legislation to modernize our immigration system, and create a path to a green card and ultimately U.S. citizenship.

We certainly will.



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