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Photograph from Reuters

Dear Salvadorans,

We are sorry.

We are sorry that you lost your homes and loved ones during the earthquakes back in El Salvador in 2001.

We are sorry that you had to leave family and friends behind to try to make a new life for yourselves in the United States.

We are sorry if it was a harrowing journey to our shores.

We are not sorry that you arrived here. We are thankful that you have become part of the fabric of our nation. We are thankful that you spent nearly two decades building new lives here, forging relationships, working, going to school. We are thankful that we got to know you, to become your neighbors, your friends, your lovers, your new families.

We are sorry, so very sorry, that after nearly two decades making this nation your home, that the president has decided that you can no longer remain here. That he will not renew your Temporary Protected Status or give you a clear pathway for permanent citizenship. That he will rip you from your friends, families, homes, jobs and from the nation that has become yours.

We are sorry that our nation has failed you.

But we will fight against this decision. We will fight against the Stable-Genuis-In-Chief, the despot in clown’s clothing.

We will fight for a nation that welcomes people to its shores. We will fight for a nation that recognizes the value in the diversity of our citizenry. We will fight for paths to citizenship for people who have been citizens in all ways that matter for decades.

We will rage against the machine.




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