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Dear Mr. Faso (R NY19),

I trust that next year I will not be writing to you as a constituent. You seem a very pleasant person most of the time. You have very regular features and are always well groomed. Your smile, before it tightens under the stress of answering an unexpected question, is wide, and your teeth are regular and white. My antipathy for you has nothing to do with your looks. As to your not being in my party, I have in the past voted outside my party, once for a Conservative, so it is not really this difference which makes you so unappealing to me.

Your proven inability to separate essential matters from peripheral concerns accounts for my contempt for your representative ability. Your being one of the sponsors for the National Concealed Carry Firearms bill (HR38) is a prime example of this values confusion you have. When you spoke to a group of people at a “town meeting” held outside your 11th county district, you were asked why you supported such a bill, which would permit firearms to be transported secretly all over the country. Your response to the question was that you had a friend who was a hunter and he occasionally left his rifle in the trunk of his car, so you didn’t want him and others like him to be arrested. Really? This is thoughtful? This is adult thinking? This is representation?

When asked in a Poughkeepsie Journal interview with John Penny as to whether you had considered single payer health insurance as a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, you responded, “ I’ve looked at it generally, but not specifically because it’s not on the table.” Which table would that be? You are a member of the Congressional Budget Committee. You bragged about putting an amendment into the Republican health care bill which was later defeated. Representation demands more than looking like an important person. You are required to act on the behalf of the people you represent. You cannot seem to see that this is your number one priority.

So as you finish your stint in Congress and prepare to reenter the lobbying trade, do keep those suits pressed. Lobbying really doesn’t demand all that much.


Letters2Trump and Another Constituent In Search of Representation


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