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Dear fellow voters,

As this year of presidential madness comes to a close, many of us are excited to give 2017 a firm kiss goodbye, hold our breath and hope for the best in 2018. And while we are only on the cusp of year two of the reign of he-who-shall-not-be-named, there’s a glimmer of hope during this critical time. Mark November 6, 2018 down on your calendars. That is the day we need to rally every American who cares about the direction of this country and show up to vote. If there is to be any hope of ousting Trump before the end of his term, we need to regain a foothold in the House and the Senate.

We saw miraculous voter turnout in the Alabama Senate race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Women and minorities showed up in full force to ensure that an accused sexual predator did not take their Senate seat. This needs to happen all around the country for our midterm elections.

How can you help turn the tides of our political future and general welfare?

Volunteer. There are plenty of things you can do now to start paving the path to victory. Help register voters in your area. Join a door knocking or phone campaign. Post on social media (in a positive and non-argumentative way) to encourage people to get out and vote. Do anything and everything to help Democrats, Independents and Republicans (who are tired of the current administration) off their butts and to the polls.

We cannot afford apathy. We cannot afford laziness. We need a change. Cheers to the hope of impeachment!



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