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Photograph from the Washington Post

Dear United States Senators and Representatives,

Well, I’ve always wondered about time travel.  What would it be like to live in the “gilded age” just before the ’29 crash and the Great Depression?  How could the United States engage in policies supporting unconstrained capitalism with the resulting disparity in wealth?  How did people think business would thrive if all of the money was locked up in off shore banks, and invested in golden statues?

Why did the Germans follow Hitler into a world war that killed an estimated 50-80 million people?  How could hatred be so blind as to support the atrocities of the Holocaust? Why would an educated and sophisticated nation follow a leader who was obviously mentally ill?

We don’t need time travel. Now we know.

The founders of the United States also knew.  They lived under tyranny. They understood the risk of an unconstrained president.  They were skeptical of government power.  They knew President Trump before he had a face.

The founders, and the citizens of the United States, put their faith in YOU.  They planned that a mentally ill, narcissistic, megalomania Chief Executive’s excess would be checked by an adult and responsible Congress.  Their faith was that you would actually represent the interests of citizens.

I guess they are to be forgiven.  Despite their brilliance and experience, they could not have anticipated the cynicism of a Supreme Court that would declare anything goes in the financing of elections.  They could not have anticipated the power of social media.  I doubt they could even contemplate politics at the national level based on carpet bombing lies, outlandish exaggeration, denial of science and rational thought, and an “upside down” profaning of Christian values.

Even if the founders could have foreseen our world, I suspect they still would have put their faith in a divided government with the Congress as the honorable representatives of the interests of the people – a Congress of integrity.  Senators and Representatives who would be appalled by an out of control Executive and who would exercise their role in democracy.

They would be wrong.

Greed. Cynicism. Racism. Fear.  The Republican Congress cannot be trusted with the United States. There is no check on the maniacal power of the White House.  It’s an adolescent beer party to celebrate the looting of America.

The new budget is a travesty (has anyone read the crayon scratching in the margins)?  Appointments to key positions (including federal judges), requiring congressional approval, are filled with a clown car of ill equipped, inexperienced novices who hate the agencies they are tasked to lead.

There are no suggestions for changing your behavior.  The gilded age is now replicated and the crash is soon to come.  Trump is following a “checklist” of strategies to make himself king, his children incoming royalty, and to divide the world up with China and Russia.  He is a traitor on the way to becoming a tyrant.

I hope you received an extra-large pay-off for your votes and your silence.  As we march into Trump Nation, remember you enabled the crash and supported the despot. If democracy survives, when the history is written, you will be remembered for your greed and your dereliction of duty.





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