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Dear Mr. Faso (NY 19),

Thank you for your vote against the House Republican tax plan. Your reasons for not voting for the bill, however, appear rather incomplete.  Yes, since last January you already betrayed thousands of your constituents by having voted for a health care bill (that was defeated) which would have made their prior-condition status a financial disaster. Yes, you already showed your contempt for the health care provided to women by voting to pull funds from Planned Parenthood. Yes, you showed complete disdain for innocent lives by sponsoring a national concealed carry bill.

But still, I would have thought that your strong sense of political self-preservation would have caused you to say that you could not support this bill because this bill has not received sufficient exposure to committee, public input, and close examination, yet it was rushed through in order to save the face of a man who pursues policy based on admittedly false news, a man who has no sense of the responsibilities of the office he holds, and a man who demeans women.

You could have said that you would not support this bill because those making less than a yearly income of $100,000 dollars will ultimately lose money while corporations will keep a generous tax break in perpetuity. Thirty-five percent of the stock holders in these corporations are foreign nationals. U.S.  citizens will assume an obscene indebtedness while foreign interests will profit.

The corporations, which it appears you believe deserve more of a break than American tax payers, these corporations, sir, do not have a sterling record. Enron actually stranded people in elevators in summer heat in an effort to increase its profits. Enron also destroyed pension funds and the stock market while its executives attempted to hide millions they had managed to remove before the public became aware of the crisis. Then there were the banking fraud practices of Wells Fargo, creatively forging customers identities on dummy accounts. And the lead scandals of the toothpaste tubes and children’s toys and jewelry. The Volkswagen deceptive environmental practices debacle, the black water that the fracking of gas leaves in its wake, the opioid pushing by pharmaceutical companies, and the financial near-collapse of the country thanks to the greedy mismanagement of the banks and the financial ratings houses.

So, couldn’t have said that you could not vote for this obscene bill because of these reasons too?

Your tenure is half over. Over is the operative word here for your political career. No matter what happens to this ugly, mean spirited tax bill, you need to find a new job. You can always go back to lobbying.


An Unwilling Constituent and Letters2Trump


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