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Image by Andrew Prickett

Mr. President,

Having you as president reminds me of when I used to date an alcoholic. With an alcoholic, as with your presidency, one never knows what’s around the corner, yet, be assured it’s most likely not going to get any better. Most importantly, with an alcoholic, once you allow yourself an ever so tiny sliver of hope of change at the heels of some catastrophic crash to the bottom, you realize that no, in fact, their “bottom of the barrel” is much, much lower than any bottom you could ever imagine. Most tragically, alcoholics hit many bottom-of-the-barrels before hitting their true bottom. As in your presidency, the great majority of us Americans are exhausted and ready to bail, yet, unfortunately for us, the real ride has merely begun.

Two days ago, you re-tweeted to your 44 million followers three anti-Muslim videos which were initially tweeted by the  deputy leader Jayda Fransen of Britain First. Britain First, I am sure you now know, is a fascist, far-right extremist group in the U.K. Since yesterday, a number of entities have come out and condemned your re-tweets. Condemnations have come from Muslim communities across America, the British Conservative Prime Minister, The Dutch government, and even the widow of Jo Cox, The U.K. Labour MP, murdered last year by a neo-Nazi. Yet, as unbelievable as it seems, your retweets remain on your page as a sore reminder of your continued blind support of these anti-Muslim sentiments. To make matters much worse, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, your Press Secretary, whom I don’t know to hate or feel bad for, did another tongue twister of an act for the reporters, essentially defending your position, as best she could.

To a voter struggling daily to cope with a president who lies, tells half-truths, changes his mind like the weather, and lacks wisdom or judgement, all of this has been a complete nightmare. Yet, I have decided I am going to deal with your presidency the same way I coped with my relationship to an alcoholic. I walked away from this relationship to save my sanity and today I need you to do the same by emotionally disowning you as my leader. Your actions and your words lack wisdom, experience, compassion, and judgement. Sadly, public humiliation has not been your bottom, neither has it been being coined THE driving force behind the growing hatred, racism and fear in the hearts of r constituents. You are unfazed by the fact that the United states has become the laughing stock of the entire civilized world and you carelessly place this whole nation at great risk by communicating silly banterings with an equally fragile and even more emotionally unstable leader, Kim Jong-Un, about planet-ending matters, no less. To the rest of us, we have lived the bottom-of-the-barrel for months now, yet, you continue to push forth, either purposely unfazed by the results of your actions or completely unaware of their consequences. I wish you the best but you are hurting this country more and more each passing day and you need to no longer lead this great nation. I will actively get behind any effort that pops up that calls for impeachment; it’s time to move on to greener pastures.






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