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Mr. President,

What a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in the news.

I awoke to see that North Korea now has the capability to launch missiles to the East Coast of the United States.  Was I encouraged by your response that we will “take care of it?”  Not exactly.  North Korea has only escalated their missile tests and aggressive rhetoric since you took office.  Why should we believe that you have the capability to “deal” with North Korea and negotiate with them towards the extinction of their nuclear program, given the fact that you love escalating EVERYTHING?

Ah, but that was only the beginning.

You decided to re-tweet anti-Muslim videos from a British account known for its anti-Muslim content. Your talking head Sarah Huckabee Sanders said two things that were shocking to me.  First, that it didn’t matter whether the videos were real.  Really?  As a die-hard proponent of killing fake-news, wouldn’t you be at all interested in whether you were broadcasting material that was fake?  Why give more encouragement to seedy organizations like Project Veritas, whose aim it seems is to develop fake news to further their political aims?

Second, she stated that “I think [your] goal is to promote strong borders and strong national security.” And later added that she and the reporters were talking about border security so your tweets were “accomplishing exactly that.”  Um, please pass along to Ms. Sanders that I believe she is confused. They were talking about your inane tweets, not border security!

It gets even better.

The pièce de résistance of the day is how you responded to Matt Lauer’s termination at NBC.  By supporting the victim(s)?  Not quite.  By condemning inappropriate sexual behavior?  Nope, guess again. By attacking NBC as a harbinger of “fake news” and by suggesting we should look into Chairman Andy Lack’s past.  Of course, no one has any idea what you were talking about, but why should that be a surprise?  You’ve yet again taken a tragedy and turned it into your own aggrievement.

I’ll think I’ll move to Australia.



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