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Mr. President,

I thought we covered things fairly well yesterday. We were pretty blunt in calling you a racist. Didn’t really mince words there at all. We supported our assertion with evidence and reckoned back to past letters, which also addressed your racist actions and words.

And then today, you took the opportunity, at a ceremony honoring World War II veteran Navajo code talkers, to lash out with a racial slur at Senator Warren. In the middle of remarks that clearly had no literate speech writer behind them, you chose to belittle the veterans, their culture and their service to our nation by again using a reference to a historic Native American figure and turning it into a derogatory nickname for someone who you clearly feel threatened by (no question that she is your intellectual, emotional, and political superior, by the way).

And then you had the nerve to clasp one of the men on the shoulder and say “But do you know what? I like you.” Like that made your racist comment ok or more palatable because you like Native Americans. Frankly, Mr. President, this is a lot like people who spout white supremacist bullcrap saying, “How can I be racist when some of my friends are black?”

Whoever staged the event also apparently missed the irony of holding a ceremony to honor Native Americans directly under the gaze of a painting of Andrew Jackson, the president responsible for the Indian Removal Policy, forcibly tearing Native Americans from their homes and their land. The ensuing forced marches, like the Trail of Tears endured by the Cherokee people, resulted in the deaths of thousands of men, women and children. So someone either failed to do their homework, or, even worse, did it and somehow decided that this ceremony was a good opportunity to subtly send a message to Native Americans about how little the president actually values them and their contributions to our country, or rather the country white people stole from them.

In the future, if you want to sound intelligent and like you care how other people perceive you, you could try taking issue with the things Senator Warren does, her stance on issues, as opposed to wearing your racism with pride and slinging insults at her. For instance, you could question her backing of Leandra English as the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, while you want Office of Budget and Management Director Mick Mulvaney to have the job, because who better to run the CFPB than someone who really just wants to shut it down?

Or, Racist-In-Chief, you could just keep going off script and letting your true colors show. Better, I suppose, to really know our enemy.




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