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Mr.  President,

Well, it looks like you’ve had another bad week; your support of an Alabamian pedophile and your vilification of his opponent (Did you know Mr. Jones successfully prosecuted the Klansmen who bombed a church and killed four little girls?  Oh, of course you did, everyone knows that.) has once again poured salt in the gaping wound that is now the GOP; Ivanka seems to have gone rogue in her condemnation of the pedophile (kids, they’ll drive you crazy with that critical thinking); gosh darn it, but it seems that Mike Flynn won’t return any of your calls or rather Ty Cobb’s calls (hey, have you guys ever heard of the term ‘ghosting’?  Google It.); and that smooth move you tried over at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is sure to trigger another headache.  Gee, I hope your Thanksgiving dinner was ok.   As tantalizing and important as all of this would be to discuss, I don’t have either the luxury, or the energy to get into this with you today. I want to discuss your racism.

I know, I know, we’ve been over this before in the Philando Castile letter, the empathy letter, hell, I think I devoted a section to it in the Boy Scout letter, but Mr. Trump, I never did define your actions as racism or you as a racist.  Today I’m stating it outright: you are a racist and your actions promote and normalize racism. When you were a D-list celebrity aggressively seeking mentions on Page Six (RIP Liz), your philosophy mattered very little to me, much like I deride the opinions of the keyboard warriors that valiantly sit in their mothers’ basements eating Cheetos and defending your honor on Breitbart and Fox News message boards.  But you see, now you have moved your pompadour and your simplistic slogans to the highest office in the land, and people are emboldened by the casual way you tweet bigotry, the nonchalant way you label large demographics of people dangerous and/or incompetent, and the shameless way you equate white supremacists with anti-racist activists. It’s personal. Your chickens are coming over to my yard to roost and I am hardly the one to let them roost.

I have not the time nor the inclination to educate you on the evils of institutional racism; you seem well-versed already as to how to use it as a beneficial political and financial tool. Instead, take this as a lesson: African American citizens by and large are not like your secretary of HUD, who cannot find his way out of an elevator, or your…what does Omarosa do again…your how-to-dupe-black-people-without-self-loathing-issues-into-liking-you secretary, who didn’t understand that the White House is not a wedding photo back drop.  We are educated, understand the Constitution, and are not likely to tolerate any move on your part to introduce MAGA legislation that endangers our children, like your CUT, CUT, CUT tax plan. We won’t allow you to MAGA the Department of Justice and prevent it from investigating hate crimes in police departments, nor any other institution.  We sure as hell won’t permit you to push a national “stop and frisk” policy forward in MAGA’s name. No, Mr. Trump, we are none of your skeins-mates.

Further, we are going to work to protect our Muslim, Latino, LGBTQ, and women (not Lena Dunham, though) from your tiny, tiny, hands. We’ll take your lead and sue the snot out of you for every travel ban, every infringement on reproductive rights, and every roll back of antidiscrimination protections.  You will be very busy, Donald, believe me.

Donny, I’m almost glad you have wallowed in the mud of racism, not because I plan to get into the filth to combat you, I won’t, but because it’s refreshing to see a person eschew company manners in order to reveal their true hearts. Be assured, we the people are revealing ours, and not that this is a contest, but…I imagine the size of your heart coincides with the size of your tiny, tiny hands.



P.S. That was definitely you on the Access Hollywood tape.

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