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Photograph from The Hill

Mr. President,

Why am I not surprised when you all but endorsed (alleged) Alabama pervert Roy Moore? On Tuesday, CNN quoted you as saying (of Moore) “He denies it. Look, he denies it. If you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours. He totally denies it. He says it didn’t happen. And look, you have to look at him also.” Moore, much like you, has been accused of sexual assault. So I’m putting on my not shocked face when you jump to his defense right out of the gate.

I remember the Clinton days, when he was impeached for having a consensual (albeit tacky) sexual relationship with an intern. And what happened to Clinton? An impeachment hearing and a scandal that follows him to this day. Yet here we stand with a president who is notorious for “grabbing them by the pussy,” accused of sexual assault by multiple women and is now publicly defending more of his brethren in piggery.

But something positive will come of this near-endorsement, I’m almost certain. See, the Trump name and brand used to be something desirable. Companies paid to use it to boost the sales of their establishment. Now the Trump seal of approval is a warning label for voters. If the sexual assault allegations didn’t stop voters from electing this guy, surely being associated with you will. Fingers crossed.



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