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Image from Twitter – Sarah Silverman

Mr. President,

Syria has signed the Paris Climate Agreement, so now it is literally us against the world. Just one year ago, the USA was considered the leader of the free world. Now, not so much. I assume that being the only one to reject the Paris Agreement makes you feel proud of yourself, but it makes my blood pressure increase like sea level rise. C’mon, wouldn’t you rather have a seat at the kid’s table than not be invited to the party at all?

It seems easy to figure out why you don’t want the USA involved in this globally recognized agreement. It is not because America is paying more than our fair share. It is because (once again) you, your business associates, and your family are making a buck from industries that pollute our earth. Fossil fuels are your only friends as you have proven with your determination to drill, mine, and practically rape our country. You intend to squeeze every drop out of any marketable product of mother earth. That you intend to reduce the size of numerous national parks adds insult to injury because if there is one thing that helps filter CO2 from the air, it is trees. But that acreage is being wasted on hikers and campers seeking refuge in the woods, right? Both natural and cultural resources will be jeopardized but those things do not matter to you. If we can drill, harvest, and make a profit, who cares if we leave nothing to our future generations?

As one of the richest countries on earth, the USA prospers in part from manufacturing industries but also technology on a large scale. Put those things together and I will wager we could figure out how to make products without contributing to the demise of the environment. Even with less non-Americans allowed to come help in our technology based fields, I feel sure we could figure it out. Although our economy draws wealth from our natural resources also, we need to work to transition to use more sustainable and less damaging resources like solar, wind, and hydro power.

Richer countries that owe their wealth mainly to oil and natural gas have signed an intention to work towards reducing greenhouse emissions. They realize that their economy can stay healthy as they diversify into other power providing sources and use technology to their benefit.

What is the cost of not contributing to the Paris Agreement? Do we save a few dollars? Do we lose our reputation? If you are planning for our economy to run on fossil fuels forever, one day when the entire world has shifted to a safe and maintainable means of energy, we will be alone. And in the dark.

Don’t destroy America. Do the right thing for our people and our future. Rethink your intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and make the world a better place.



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