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Mr. President,

Twister, it was a game we played as kids.  I doubt you played games, but maybe you’ve heard of it?  You play with a flat mat on the floor and take turns with other players putting your hands and feet on the colored spots on the mat.  As you might imagine, the player ends up contorted, twisted, and eventually they fall.

The hypocrisy of your administration, including the Republicans in Congress, your cabinet, and appointees to key positions, appears to be one giant game of Constitutional “Twister.”

On a regular basis the most innocent of American citizens are slaughtered by angry white men using assault weapons designed specifically to kill efficiently.  Guns are designed to do only one thing – kill.  Assault weapons, designed for war, kill humans. Other types of guns exist for rational reasons, for example hunting or home defense. The ONLY purpose for assault weapons is the rapid and efficient killing of human beings. They are designed for war.

But, “what can we do?” The second amendment states the country can keep a “regulated militia” and people have the right to “bear arms,” so the Republicans believe we are powerless to stop the killing of innocent citizens.  Gun manufacturers’ lobbying money purchased your presidency, the Congress, and warped the Constitution as they say, “lock, stock, and barrel.”

Sorry, Americans, you have our prayers.  Tiny children murdered in school by someone with mental health issues; music lovers enjoying an outdoor concert; and people sitting in their pews – PRAYING. I thought the Republicans were the “right to life” party; well it’s easy to get twisted.

Mr. President, the Constitution has:

  • an emoluments clause specifically prohibiting you from taking money from foreign powers, such as hotels, golf courses, and private clubs
  • a first amendment protection of a free press, the same press you threaten with crippling regulation when you don’t agree with their reporting
  • a guarantee of the freedom of religion (including no religion); the Constitution does not say a person’s religious beliefs allow them to ignore the rest of the Constitution; there is no clause that the United States is a Christian nation; not only are we free to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, but we also are free to say Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Ramadan Mubarak, or nothing at all
  • a belief in limited government and a right to privacy; power belongs to people and limited power is granted to government; there is no provision in the Constitution for controlling the bodies and the fertility of women citizens

You seem to have no problem ignoring these Constitutional principles. The outrageous behavior goes on and on.  You don’t respect the Constitution.  I would be surprised if you have read it.  I’m certain you haven’t studied the underlying history, reasoned debate, and political theory supporting every clause.  You can’t ignore the Constitution most of the time and then wrap yourself in pseudo sanctity for the second amendment whenever weapons of war are turned on innocents by a member of your white guy macho man base. It’s twisted.

Mr. President, we have almost vanquished polio and smallpox from the earth. We created the treatment for Ebola in short order. We are making huge strides in preventing/curing cancer.  We have walked on the moon. We have taken close-up photos of Saturn. The little Voyager telescope is still exploring the universe.

Surely, the greatest negotiator in history could find a way to solve the problem of military grade assault weapons landing in the hands of angry mentally ill or violent men. (Other democracies seem to have solved this problem). Surely, a great Christian leader would feel some responsibility to protect 18 month old babies from being murdered on Sunday morning while held in the arms of their parents sitting in their pews. (Other “Christian” nations seem to be able to protect their children).

Dear Mr. President, not much else is working in your presidency right now.  You could do one good thing during your term.  Your base is loyal and they love guns.  You claim to be a brilliant negotiator.  You like to win.  If you wanted, you could negotiate with the gun advocates in your base to find a solution to our murderous state.  You could start by passing legislation that:

  • negates your first legislative effort, and forbids the mentally ill from buying guns
  • restricts people who are on the “no fly” list from buying guns
  • buys back military grade assault weapons and forbids their sale to civilians
  • forbids the making, marketing and sales of “bump stocks” that create automatic weapons
  • forbids the making, marketing and sales of large capacity bullet clips
  • increases treatment options and financial support for anger management and mental illness often first displayed by those who abuse animals, their spouses and children
  • provides incentives for those close to potential mass murderers to seek help from police and mental health experts

I am certain responsible gun owners, thoughtful gun rights advocates, and those who seek to end gun violence have ideas on other policies.  A great leader and negotiator could rise above the hypocrisy and actually earn a positive footnote in history.

In the meantime, we all wait for the next mass murder.  We know if the perpetrator has brown skin, and drives a rented truck, you will immediately name them as terrorists and call for the death penalty.  If the shooter is a white guy, using an assault weapon to kill as many people as possible, you will tweet that it is sad but the only thing we can do is pray.  Know what?  The victims and their families don’t care about the color of the murderer’s skin, or their motive for killing.  You have immediate and strong condemnation for “terrorists” (brown guys), and offer a shrug and prayers for “domestic terrorists” (white guys).  The mothers, fathers, grandmas, babies, school children, policemen, and our citizens are still dead.

A nation awash in assault weapons turns the “lone wolf,” mentally ill, Rambo wanna-be into a danger to all of us.  Pay at least as much attention to the domestic terrorist as you pay to the international terrorist.  Our lone wolves are far more efficient and more heavily armed. You are not constrained by the Constitution. A “well regulated” militia can be regulated.

Play it straight, Mr. President, solve the problem.












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