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Mr. President,

We heard you say that you are smart.  You said it lots of times. Most smart folks show they are smart by how they think, talk, and act. You have to tell us.

We heard you say that you are nice. You said the news does not show how nice you are. Most nice folks show they are nice in how they treat those they do not know. You have to tell us.

We heard you say that you have “lots of words.” Most folks who know lots of words show their words in how they speak. You have to tell us.

We heard you say you learned at an “ivy league” school. Most folks know there are lots of ways to be schooled and the ivy on the walls are vines. Folks who went to school seek, read, think, and discuss. You have to tell us you went to school. We could not guess.

What you do is lie. You lie. You are like the old West snake oil crook. All show – not real.

Your Secretary of State called you a “moron.”  He knows you. He does not seem to think you are so smart.

You say the Klan are “nice.” You make fun of folks. You hurt girls. You call names. You do not hear the pleas of those in Puerto Rico, the cries from those in fear, or the hopes of youth.  They do not say that you are nice.

You do not know how to spell. You do not read. You watch T.V. and tweet. You do not think when you speak. You speak in little words.  It does not seem you have lots of words.  With only little words to use, you can only have little ideas. The tweet is your speech – it does not need many words.

You were sent off to school as a way to make you grow up. You spent two years in a “no ivy” school at Fordham University and then went for just two years to the University of Pennsylvania. You did not get an MBA from Wharton. You hold a Bachelor of Science in Economics.  You were not at the top of your class.  You had no honors. To go to a school is not the same as to learn.

Smart? Show us. Nice? Show us. Great words? Show us. Educated? Show us.

Liar? Quit.  That would be a smart, nice, educated thing to do.




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