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Mr. President,

It’s been a hell of a week.  Leaving aside the indictments, and your apparent inability to be a figure of strength and empathy in the face of the attack in New York City, using it instead as an opportunity to blame those you perceive as your political opponents and grandstand about the supposed need for immigration reform, and ignoring, for the moment, the baffling sight of your Chief of Staff — your freaking Chief of Staff –  claiming that a “lack of compromise” caused the Civil War (a statement so vague as to be meaningless and yet so obviously intended to deceive as to be malicious), you, Donald J, have still managed to put us through an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual wringer.

Of course, in that respect, it’s pretty much like every other week in your janky-ass presidency.

But let’s talk today about the environment.

Just about a week ago, your administration recommended that entrance fees be raised significantly at a number of National Parks and, simultaneously, that the budget for the National Park Service be slashed.  Unsurprisingly, the higher fees won’t even cover a third of what you’re proposing to cut from the budget.  What is happening, then, is that at the same time that you’re attempting to restrict access to some of our country’s most awe-inspiring public property to those who can afford the higher cost of admission, you’re also trying to destroy those parks from within.

That’s a dick move, Mr. Trump.

What kind of a person – what kind of a leader –  kills the funding for the protection, promotion, and preservation of our country’s finest natural spaces and figures, “hey, while I’m at it, why don’t I make sure that in whatever handful of years our parks might continue to exist as public property, only the wealthy can visit them?”

I know that seems extreme, but it also seems exactly like the kind of thing a person who has always been rich, who has never wanted for anything, who has spent decades enjoying the sorts of exclusive perks of first-class life available only to the wealthy would do.

Meanwhile, today, the government released its National Climate Assessment (a report required by law, perhaps to your chagrin), a report that stated, unequivocally, that “there is no convincing alternative explanation” for the witnessed climate change of the last century than humans.  It warns that sea levels might rise by eight feet – eight goddamn feet! – in the next 80 years.

Your administration’s response?  Well, Rick Perry has said that the jury is still out.  [It’s not.]  And Raj Shah (a spokesman for the White House) insists that “the climate has changed and is always changing.”  [Yup, but that’s a whole lot like claiming that a lack of compromise caused the Civil War.  And it’s just as stupid.]

Meanwhile, your thoughts?  Apparently, you were barely aware of the report’s existence.

Good times.

This is not what I want from my country.  This is not what I want from my country’s leadership.  Sadly, at the moment, it’s what we’re getting.




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