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Mr. President,

Once again, you should be learning that you are the president of the United States, a democratic country. We have a system of checks and balances, which means your power is not absolute. You are not a dictator or a king, nor are we your subjects. There are rules to follow, and these are laid out quite plainly in The Constitution. If you want to make your own rules, you have to follow the steps.

For example, if you just wake up one morning and decide to fire a whole bunch of soldiers, you might want to stop and think about it for a few minutes or an hour. Think about the people who put themselves out there every day to protect you and me. Think about their training, their talents, the dangers they encounter, the families who love them. The military is made up of all kinds of people, and you, as Commander in Chief, should know who your troops are. Even with your great powers, you should know that you cannot deprive people of their right to equal protection under the law, under the Constitution, even if they work for you. You cannot just dismiss a whole group of people from serving in the military. These transgender soldiers have been serving with honor and courage. There is nothing, no evidence, no facts that show they are harming this country by serving openly. (And if you need any more evidence, check out the militaries of our allies and neighbors, like Canada, Great Britain, and Israel).

Luckily, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has ruled that the current military policy governing transgender troops should remain in place.  “There is absolutely no support for the claim that the ongoing service of transgender people would have any negative effect on the military at all,” she stated, rather emphatically. At least for the time being, our transgender troops can continue to serve this country. But think about what you did to the morale of these soldiers by trying to ban them.  In America, we just don’t lump a bunch of people together and say, “You’re fired.” Well, at least not in the real world where most of us live.

I am pleased for our transgender troops and for the ruling by Judge Kollar-Kotelly, and for the strength of The Constitution.

Please consider the impact on real people of your words and actions before shouting out with your Twitter fingers.





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