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Photograph from ABC News

Mr. President,




All words I have yelled at the radio upon hearing of ludicrous political actions this year. And it happened again.

While driving home yesterday, the radio newscaster told the story of Rosa Maria Hernandez.

A ten year old girl.

A ten year old girl with cerebral palsy.

A ten year old girl who had to undergo emergency gall bladder surgery.

An undocumented immigrant.

That is what was seen. Only that last description. This child and her legal adult cousin had to pass an interior Border Control checkpoint in order to get to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX for Rosa Maria’s surgery. Agents followed the ambulance to the hospital, determined that Rosa Maria was an undocumented immigrant.

A ten year old child.

Not only did these Border Patrol agents drive all the way to the hospital, they waited outside her room for the conclusion of the surgery.

Of a ten year old child.

These four federal agents demanded the door to her hospital room stay open despite the need for Rosa Maria to have quiet and rest. She was followed by these agents wherever she was taken in the hospital for post-surgery tests.

A ten year old child.

And now? Rosa Maria sits at a shelter run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Not under doctor care. Not with her cousin who brought her to the hospital. Not with her parents who brought her to America when she was three months old. In a shelter after surgery. Scared, confused, and unable to understand what is happening. Customs and Border Protection has said that “she will be processed accordingly.” Rosa Maria’s lawyer has been told there are two options: “sign voluntary departure or spend up to 3 weeks in detention.”

A ten year old child.

While I realize a major focus for your platform has been on strengthening border patrol and cracking down on undocumented immigrants, you also started the conversation stating that deportation of criminals is key.

Rosa Maria Hernandez is not a criminal.

You and I differ significantly on how to approach the major issue of immigration reform, yet the actions against Rosa Maria are beyond comprehension. The time spent by these federal agents waiting outside her hospital door shows that “they’re treating her like a hardened convict who has been taken to the hospital for treatment,” as stated by Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas. Rosa Maria poses absolutely no threat to the United States of America. None.

I am in tears – hot, raging, angry tears – as I write this. No one should ever endure treatment as this, let alone a child with disabilities who has just been released from surgery. This is beyond agents “doing their job”; this is an inhumane look at the world. This must stop. Someday, someday, I know we all can create a country where we see that we are human before all else.




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