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Mr. President,

I saw that your campaign* recently asked people to send you thank-you notes because being president is a thankless job. We here at Letters2Trump tend to be critical of your performance. Granted, we like to look at America with logic and empathy, so that’s going to happen, but today, I want to thank you.

I deeply appreciate that you have exposed the Republican Party’s underlying beliefs. I’m old enough to remember family discussions about pre-Goldwater Republicanism and the potential for conservatism under leaders like George Romney. This also means I’m old enough to have watched the dissolution of George-Romney Republicanism, to have watched the GOP turn into a seething, festering tumor of greed and white supremacy.

Lest the phrase “white supremacy” throw you, I don’t just mean the obvious type, like a new-century neo-con neo-Nazi with a Pier-One tiki torch. I mean a belief system that whiteness is inherently better, that white maleness is inherently better yet, and that wealthy white maleness is best. This goes far beyond the clowns with torches. This defines most of America and all of the Republican Party.

I thank you for bringing these beliefs out of the dark of 19th-hole clubhouse kvetching sessions and into the daylight in Washington, D.C. Anyone who pays attention has watched Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Bush the First and Bush the Second, Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of a long list (a literal, if perhaps one or two steps removed from the act, murderers’ row) of others in GOP leadership over my lifetime use one racist code after another to further maintain the rich white man’s stranglehold on power in our country. We could delve into examples, but this isn’t a textbook. Do we need anything more than to watch the wildly differing GOP responses to hurricanes in Texas versus Puerto Rico? No, sadly we do not. The biases driving the GOP are clear, and you openly state them before all 330+ million Americans every day. For that, I thank you.

You have finally brought those beliefs to light, plain as day, irrefutably. You have made the racism, sexism, isolationism, classism, and crass greed of the contemporary Republican party so obvious that even some of its most-respected members feel the need to leave politics. Jeff Flake is hailed as a hero for literally bowing out of the fight for the identity of the Republican Party. Why quit instead of fight? Because what is he going to fight against? His and his colleagues’ open track record of supporting all of the same policies you do? The longstanding members of the GOP have acted against the interests of Americans for years, but they turn around and use positive rhetoric to mask that.

You, however, do all of this with wide-open and unedited racism, classism, and sexism. I thank you for that. Hundreds, thousands, even millions of Republicans have acted with hate for the American values of equality and liberty for decades now. No, they don’t think they’re doing that, but what else can you call valuing guns’ rights over people’s rights? What else can you call valuing tax breaks for the wealthy over health care support for the poor? This is hatred for Americans, American lives, and American ideals. I thank you for exposing this belief system so brazenly.

I’d say it takes guts if you realized you were doing it.

It will be weird, sad, and troubling to watch the Republican Party morph into blatant Trumpism instead of resisting it and realizing that the party lost its way long, long ago. It will be sad to watch the powerful continue their expansion of power instead of actually trying to represent their constituents’ needs. It always has been sad to watch, and it only gets sadder.

But, I do thank you for taking away the veil of respectability that covered this hatred for decades. This may make you a hero to many, but by exposing a deep division that has been there for generations, you set the stage for the next era of American reinvention. One where we re-establish values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One where we reckon with the last two words that our children recite every day in the Pledge of Allegiance: FOR ALL.

Thank you for exposing the GOP’s tumorous greed and list of hate-filled –isms. I dearly hope it will help the rest of us get to work rebuilding America.



*You know you won the Electoral College vote, right? You can stop campaigning. To continue campaigning at this point makes it look like you’re only in politics to grift the American people—oh. Oh, I see.


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