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Photograph from NBC News

Mr. President,

Glancing at the news this evening, I couldn’t help but think, “Well, it’s just the same old stuff.” More specifically, that was what crossed my mind when I read that you were well into another Twitter war. Senator Bob Corker was the target of your twelve-year-old minded tweeting tirade today. Nothing new there, as this seems to happen anytime you disagree with someone. I would like to again thank you for reaffirming my personal choice not to “tweet.”

There is a different politician I would like to focus on today. I must admit that I did/do not know a lot about Senator Jeff Flake. After reading the transcript of the speech he delivered on the Senate floor today, I imagine you may be trying to reach out to your dwindling fan-base in the near future to try and disparage him through your favorite social media outlet.  I have a feeling he doesn’t really care. Welcome to the fight, Senator Flake.

Perhaps a welcoming gesture isn’t really warranted, as it seems that the Arizona senator has been questioning not only you, but our entire political system, for more than just a few days. I really can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see and hear a Republican do more than just speak up. He is going to back his words with action, and will be leaving the fray that vaguely resembles a political system. Other politicians have been vocal about their discontent, but I think that Senator Flake is opening the door to action for our elected representatives. Indeed, he literally called them to action. As Flake so eloquently pointed out, “We are not here simply to mark time. Sustained incumbency is certainly not the point of seeking office and there are times when we must risk our careers in favor of our principles. Now is such a time.”

While this may have not been major news if Flake was on the other side of the aisle (as we all know how you are regarded by most in the Democratic party), he happens to ideologically represent your conservative base. He’s giving permission to all conservatives and/or Republicans who have questioned their decisions regarding your election and subsequent debauchery of a presidency to reject what you have come to represent. You have never really represented the Republican party as much as you have represented your own personal whims as a businessman who will risk anything to be deemed “successful” in his chosen field.

Perhaps there are a few Republicans who will stay the course with you, but it won’t be because you have given any measure of success to the business of running a country. They will stay because they are selfish and think they can retain their positions only if they play your game. But you are moving too far away from even your chosen party’s principles and core values. Nobody is exempt from your mockery, but your words will deter less and less as our other elected officials finally come to the same realizations that Jeff Flake has come to. You can only be a schoolyard bully as long as your victims don’t fight back.

When I read Senator Flake’s speech, I felt hope. I thought about the common good that Americans hold dear. I reflected on what unifies our country, and I believe you will be abandoned for our commonalities. Republicans and Democrats alike will cast you aside as they come away from a fear of losing their own professional power because, like Jeff Flake, they will think about their children and their grandchildren. They will remember what it means to be public servants, and what it truly is to serve each other. They will tire of your moral corruptness and instability, and will come together to rebel in favor of what is right.




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