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Photograph by Frank Gruber

Mr. President,

I’m not a member of a Gold Star family, so I can only imagine what it is like to lose someone I love in war.  It harrows me simply to ponder what it must feel like.  And it also disturbs me to ponder what it must be like to leaders who send young men and women to their deaths on the battlefield.

I do not envy you in this regard, and I do not wish today to debate the merits of the military engagements our nation finds itself in.

I write today with only one purpose: to urge you to keep what you write and say to these families private. To try your hardest to make it empathetic.  To move beyond yourself to soothe the loss of the traumatized.  And beyond all else, to do your best to keep it all out of the political arena.

I am too tired, and too sad, to take you to task today.  I simply urge you to draw some line between what is and what is not appropriate for public consumption.  To understand that a large part of your role as our leader happens in quiet.  In private.  Apart from what can or should be tweeted, telecast, or commented upon.

Please.  Comfort our losses.  Move beyond yourself.  Appeal to the better angels of our souls.  And of your own.

We are pleading with you.



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