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Photograph from The Sun

Dear Mr. President,

We will take a knee. On the highest platform in the country, you belittled American citizens for exercising their right to speak their minds. The very same platform you used very recently to defend the rights of neo-Nazis. You uninvited the Golden State Warriors from a visit to the White House because Stephen Curry said he didn’t want to come? This is as infantile as taking your ball and going home on the playground when the other kids don’t want to play with you. It’s the behavior of an egotistical and desperate man who has lost all touch with reality. Those NFL player “sons of b******” have a point, Mr. President.  How can we turn a blind eye to the racial injustices under the guise of “Making America Great Again?”

I’m sure Twitter has become the bane of your existence. You can’t log in without seeing the innumerable tweets from professional athletes, sports writers and even veterans and league commissioners denouncing your ridiculous and offensive remarks. The cries of outrage over your latest tirade against basic American rights has sparked the NFL, the MLB and countless other professional sports leagues to take a stand by taking a knee. We take a knee not to disrespect our flag or the brave men and women who defend it, but to fight the blaring injustices that have come to be commonplace in your “greater America.”

The Veterans are behind us; this is what they fight for. They fight under the flag of this nation so that the people of this country are free. They also see that some still fight a centuries-old battle for equality and justice. If you think you have the strength and support of the U.S. military behind you, think again.

All you have to do is open the Twitter feed and see thousands of tweets from U.S. veterans and current active-duty service members supporting the take a knee movement and denouncing your ignorant and short sighted remarks. Your remarks have brought together a community of people who will not be scared by your petulant, childish bullying.

Mr. President, we ask that you think before you speak and acknowledge the injustices that are occurring right in your backyard. Until we all are free, we will take a knee.



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