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Painting by Edvard Munch “The Sick Child”

Dear Mr. President,

My letter today will be brief because, frankly, I am sick and I am tired.

Next week, the Senate seems poised to adopt a repeal/replace health care bill – on strict party lines and without a CBO score or any hearings or debate – that will result in violently slashed funding of Medicare and which could potentially throw 30 million people off their current health insurance plans.

I am fortunate enough to work somewhere that provides health insurance as a benefit, and though it is expensive it is worth the cost.  But I have a daughter who was born with what some people call a “birth defect” (I do not use the term myself, as there is nothing at all defective about my kid) which could, depending upon where she lives in the future, result in her not being able to afford medical care once she ages-out and leaves my health coverage.  Her “pre-existing condition” was not her fault.  She did not engage in risky behavior, live a morally suspect life, or ignore warnings designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Her “sin” was simply being born with spina bifida.  Yet within five years, if you sign the Graham-Cassidy bill into law, there exists the chance that she will face a world in which she will not be able to obtain or afford health insurance for herself.

Your comments suggest that perhaps you have not bothered to read the bill.  You tweeted that pre-existing conditions would be covered under G-C – but the entire medical community says otherwise, and have come out strongly against this legislation.

So please, read the bill.  Listen to the experts.  Set aside your deep need for some political victory in favor of doing right by people like my daughter.  I am sick at heart over the idea that this horrible bill may become law of our land.  You have the power to stop it.  Exercise that power.  Please.  I’m begging.




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