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Photograph by sarah d.

Dear. Mr. President,

Golf courses, stacks of money, hotels, casinos, mansions, reality TV. All the things I think you might care about will cease to exist. And all the humans on the planet, not that you care about any of them except yourself, will go right along with those things. That’s what will happen if you keep provoking nuclear war. Was it your intention to be our last president? That’s where we are headed.

Before you go around making cavalier statements that may secure doomsday for the entire planet, why don’t you stop and think about the implications for the rest of us. Actually, let’s simplify that. Just stop and think, period. It’s something that you don’t seem to really do in life.

I am mortified to have you as the leader of this nation. I am scared of what your thin-skinned, knee-jerk reactions to North Korea may cause. You don’t represent your people. You represent your massive ego, which will turn to ashes just like the rest of us in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

I highly suggest you watch “White Light, Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” Watch a man’s heart beat through his partially disintegrated chest cavity. Listen to accounts of people who watched their loved ones’ flesh melt from their bones. This is not what the people you represent want for our world.    This is not what the rest of the world outside the U.S. wants! If you can’t come up with something intelligent to say that keeps us out of a nuclear holocaust, kindly shut your mouth (and stay off your Twitter account).



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