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Photograph by Kaitlyn DeMeulenaere

Dear Mr. President,

You, sir, are a distraction.

And your cabinet is a circus on fire by the side of the road; oddly, as we look around for an extinguisher, you are there handing us kerosene.

Your presidency is almost 200 days old and it’s been entertaining…in a Twilight Zone meets the Addams Family meets All the President’s Men meets Psycho way. I continue to wonder how you get away with so much crap day after day. Your new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, better have wizardry skills if he hopes to get your administration to play nicely with each other. It will be hard, partly, because facts and reality don’t seem to matter to the group you’ve assembled; y’all need to all take a class to understand the importance of credibility and trust. Please work to build those attributes in the coming 200 days (or as long as you have) — so far, you really haven’t accomplished much.

I was recently talking with an older friend of mine, named Jerry, who was in the hospital last week for some tests. One of the things his doctor recommended was that he focus more on breathing from his diaphragm. She reminded him that slow, deep, cleansing breaths out will make room for more, fresh air. Jerry, who likes to research things, discovered that the Hebrew and Greek words for “breath” are the same as the word “spirit.” He commented how you, Mr. President, have sucked out his spirit. I think much of the country would agree. Instead of being distracted by the craziness, I’m going to be focusing, with Jerry, on breathing in deep, spirit-filled vibes from my community and letting go of the divisive, stale air you would have me keep.

I’m tired of you distracting me from the good things going on in our communities and in our country. Here are but a few examples of the positive forces that will have my attention:

We Americans continue to create community and inspire each other despite your influence.

This letter contains many links to previous Letters2Trump. That is so I don’t repeat myself too much and to show the unity of our message. Oh, that you would take the time to read any, if not all, of these letters. Or that an aide would show you one, maybe this one, mistakenly when intending to inform you of what Fox News recently said about Canada’s imminent invasion at Niagara Falls (“fake news” alert). Would you, could you, think outside your box? Would you, could you, doubt info from Fox?

Breathing in…

Breathing out…

Breathing in…

Breathing out…




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