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Day 71 – If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!

Day 71 – If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!

Image by Zach Stern

Dear Mr. President,

I saw your tweet yesterday suggesting we change libel laws in response to some piece in the New York Times, and you know what?

You’re a child.

Seriously. You always have been, but you typically presented yourself well enough on The Apprentice – you were actually very likeable – that I was able to look past your incredibly infantile responses to some of the well-deserved barbs delivered your way over the years.

Well, The Apprentice run is done, and you’ve got yourself in a fix. Howard Stern was right. After entertaining yourself by toying with your fellow citizens for the last year and a half, they called you on it and gave you the job – the job for which you are incredibly ill suited. We can see it in your face. You look awful! Nothing’s going right is it?

Poor baby.

I did not read the Times piece and have no idea what it was about. It does not matter one bit. Tomorrow, the Times or some other publication or media outlet will call you on the carpet for your continuing nonsense, and you will throw another little they-are-so-mean-to-me tantrum on Twitter. You know the kind of people who do things like that?

Children. People like you.

It’s no secret that presidents take some heat in office. This goes all the way back to the beginning of our nation. It’s a democracy, remember? It comes with the job. You know this, of course, but you’re special. All that has to change for the princess-in-chief, right?

Look, I’m no tough guy. Nobody likes criticism, myself included, but at least I minimize it by trying to be a gentleman most days. And though I admit this opinion is definitely not gentlemanly, it is certainly true, and in the case of our president behaving like an unruly toddler, absolutely necessary.

You won’t change. Why should you? You were a man-child all through the campaign, and it worked! Or did it? Let’s be honest here: you suck at the job and you’re miserable. You probably never really wanted it, and right out the gate your presidency has been mired in scandal. In some cases potentially treasonous scandal, and there seems no end in sight.

Mr. President, you’re a lousy executive. Maybe you always really were. You began your career with considerable help from your dad – no shame there – but now I wonder if he and the Trump organization kept you propped up all these years. You just really seem to have no idea how to work with people or to consistently carry yourself in a reasonably dignified way. You didn’t even escort your wife up the White House steps. So, so, so classless! Notice how I haven’t addressed policy issues here? It doesn’t matter where you stand. Even if I agreed with all your policies (they’re not really your policies, I know), I’d want you gone.

You’re an embarrassment.


You can’t take the heat.



Day 70 – Nepotism Again? Really?

Day 70 – Nepotism Again? Really?

Photograph by khrawlings

Dear Mr. President,

For the past 70 days I didn’t know whether I should cry or laugh when I picked up the newspaper and read your latest proclamations. I have, on several instances, called for a self-imposed ban of newspapers and news programs because I couldn’t take yet again another vile Trumpian tweet over the Muslim ban, the wall, healthcare, the environment, fake news, and wiretapping.

This week was already fairly overwhelming, and then I saw this tasty morsel in the Washington Post: Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas.


Your son-in-law states in the article, “We should have excellence in government. The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

It’s a lovely sentiment, but one wonders which company and business practices will this new office try to emulate? I hope it isn’t a Trump venture such as the casinos, the University, or some of your questionable real estate holdings. However, the real point is that government is not business. Its purpose is not for profiteering, but to protect the individual rights of citizens.

What concerns me about this SWAT team of business leaders, who have been recruited to revitalize our government, is that many of them have no political experience. Will their participation be in the interest of “the people” or will it be skewed to their board members and stockholders?

There’s no doubt we have stagnation in government and we need innovation. I question, though, whether projects brought forth via The White House Office of American Innovation will be awarded to friends of Jared and Donald or will smaller companies have a fair chance of getting involved?

Somehow, I don’t think this new venture will change anything.




Day 69 – Coal is Dead. Stop Making Empty Promises That Destroy Our World.

Day 69 – Coal is Dead. Stop Making Empty Promises That Destroy Our World.

Photograph by Chris Jordan-Bloch/EarthJustice

Dear Mr. President,

As an “early adopter,” you know the power of technology. Yet you signed an executive order supporting a dying industry. Overturning critical climate regulations to support the coal industry is like promising good jobs to buggy makers or pyramid builders.

A multiple tragedy faces the miners. They won’t return to their old jobs; those jobs are gone. Technology has replaced pick axes. Instead, the mountain tops will be blown to rubble and toxic ash, which will get dumped in their rivers. They will miss the opportunities in emerging energy industries: energy literally falling on our heads from the sun; wind blowing steadily across the mountains; and geothermal heat from beneath the earth. This energy could provide exciting, well-paying, “good” jobs. Someone needs to build and maintain the wind turbines, solar panels, and geothermal pipes. Someone needs to invent the ways to make America (and the world) energy independent.  We no longer must extract minerals from the ground. Your executive order is written to enrich the coal industry owners, not to get the miners back to work.

You are soon to have a new grandson. I’m saddened when thinking about the world he will inherit as a result of your action.  Will you ban him from reading a National Geographic? Will he be forbidden from singing America the Beautiful?  What will you say when he asks why?  Why the sky is no longer blue?  Why he can’t play outside without a respirator?  Why millions of people are dying of starvation and thirst? Why the mountains are bald and scarred? Why the coral reefs are dead?

As he gets older, how will you answer his questions about your role?  After all, he will know you were the most powerful person on the planet at a critical moment in climate history.  What will you say as he realizes you didn’t try to stop the damage, you actually led the assault on the environment?  He will never see a living polar bear, stand under an ancient cedar tree, or splash his face in a spring rain. The mammals will be gone, the trees dead, the rain turned to acid.  When he stands at the Grand Canyon he won’t gasp in awe at the beauty and wonder of America, he will see a Koch Brother’s uranium mine.

When he asks you about trout fishing, what will you tell him?  You’ve served up the clear streams of the mountains as easy, cheap dumps for coal ash. The rivers feeding the mighty Mississippi are being written off as convenient oil spill troughs.

…And then, when he is old enough, what will you say when he tells you that he is changing his name?  To be a “Trump” is an embarrassment. To be a “Trump” means to embrace anachronistic, dangerous, dirty, environmentally destructive jobs in order to further enrich a few coal mine operators. To be a “Trump” is to assure America is left behind in the next big energy innovation.  To be a “Trump” means your grandfather, the President, made the decision to destroy the earth – rather than to rescue it. Your grandson will find it hard to come to terms with his family name.

You could lead the world to a healthy future; instead you chose to destroy his future.

All the grand buildings, gold-plated faucets, fancy parties and designer clothes in the world will not make up for the humiliation of being a “Trump.” That will be your legacy.

Please change your mind.  Pause on one of your lovely golf courses. Breathe in the smell of newly mown grass. Look at the blue sky. Feel the sunshine.  Listen to the sprinklers nourishing the grass. You could lead the world in protecting the “only home we have.” Change course. Use your tremendous powers of persuasion to lead the world in adopting new energy technologies. Position the United States and the coal workers to embrace a healthy and productive future.

Be the person your grandson will admire when he reads the National Geographic. Teach him to sing America the Beautiful. Make him proud of this grandfather, President Donald Trump, who quite literally saved the world.

I’m asking you to reconsider your actions – because I have grandchildren too.



Day 68 – Who Got Elected as Pres45?

Day 68 – Who Got Elected as Pres45?

Photograph by Mike Baehr

Dear Mr. President,

As I was preparing to write my letter today (which is not as challenging as I thought it might be, though I actually have to make an effort to decide on which of all the horrible things happening daily to write about), I thought of the purpose of this blog, Letters2Trump.

Purpose: A letter every day of the Trump presidency, written to the president about what he is doing, how it makes us feel and how we think he could be doing things better.

After I reread those words, something felt odd and confusing. And I found myself needing to ask you whether we are writing our letters and addressing our concerns to the right person.

I mean are you the president of the USA, the real, actual Commander in Chief, or are you the front man for Stephen Bannon and/or others? In other words, are you Bannon’s puppet, and should we be writing to him and/or anyone else? If so, please let us know so we can make the correction. If not, then you really need to take control of your ship. You are the one who was elected, no matter how that came to be.

Did Bannon find you or did you find him? I mean who sought out who, because it seems like he positioned you where you are, and actually tells you what to do, or distracts you with things that wire you up so he can run the country by his agenda without your interference.

I read in the New York Times recently that in 2013, Bannon asked Sessions to run for the presidency and Sessions declined. He even did the same with Sarah Palin in 2011. However, when Bannon heard you speak two months later at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, he realized you were the person that would help him get the votes of 6.6 million disenchanted white voters. You know…“the forgotten Americans” you appealed to during the campaign.

You guys (you or the one really running the country) are not doing much for “the forgotten Americans” right now, and though they have not all realized it yet, they eventually will. Repealing the Affordable Care Act was not what anybody wanted. What the people wanted was for you to fix it or replace it with a better one. Your horribly flawed plan couldn’t pass thanks to our checks and balances system, which we know you would rather do without. Without Congress, it would be easy for you or Bannon, whoever is the “president,” to do almost anything. Just like a dictatorship.

As I do not wish to digress, here is how I think you could be doing this better: You are “The Donald,” the president. Lead and get rid of those who are leading you to become the worst and most disliked president in the history of the United States of America.

Oh, and whatever you guys do, know that the essence of the people of the United States of America will prevail. We will continue to resist and persevere, and we will walk out of this victorious.





Day 67 –  Stop the Finger Pointing. Unless You’re Looking in the Mirror.

Day 67 – Stop the Finger Pointing. Unless You’re Looking in the Mirror.

Photograph by J.E. Therlot

Dear Mr. President,

Your words – “we will watch Obamacare explode” – leave me sickened.

Obamacare may be a flawed system, but it has provided health care to millions who did not have it before. My son, a part-time teacher, is one of the beneficiaries of this system. Before Obamacare, he had no health insurance, and it was too expensive an option to purchase on his low salary with student loans to repay. With Obamacare, he was able to find good health care and the premiums were affordable. I know the premiums are going up each year, but at least it provides a safety net for vulnerable Americans.

You were saying Friday that Obamacare was rammed through Congress by the Democrats. Seems like the same thing was going on this year but by the Republicans instead. The new legislation was flawed, and many people contacted their representatives in Congress to express concern. The new plan did not cover the important services Obamacare mandates of insurers (like prenatal, prescription drug, and mental health services), was just as expensive, if not more so, for many Americans, and didn’t seem to have important improvements in coverage and price. The Republican plan at latest estimates seemed to leave 24 million Americans uninsured. That is unacceptable.

You said repeatedly that the Democrats were not team players, and they are the ones responsible for defeating your health care bill. Take a look at Congress – it has a Republican majority in the House and the Senate. Your bill could have been passed by Republicans alone. However, some Republicans chose to listen to their hearts or their constituents, and were prepared to vote against the party line. You spoke of their disloyalty. Don’t they have a responsibility to the people they represent?

Your words were divisive. Several days ago you were boasting that the Republicans controlled Congress. Now you’re bashing the Democrats for defeating the health care bill. Republicans defeated the health care bill. That isn’t a surprise, but perhaps if the Democrats and Republicans could work together, there would be major improvements in health care, and in many other areas that need attention. Instead of blaming others or taking your marbles and going home, maybe you could take a leadership role in that cooperation between parties. It just might work.

Maybe eventually everyone will have great health care, because illness and accident are neither Republican nor Democrat.







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