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Day 525 – Letter to NY19: Let’s All Get Behind Our Candidate and Push to a Win in November!

Day 525 – Letter to NY19: Let’s All Get Behind Our Candidate and Push to a Win in November!

Image from Twitter

Dear NY19,

As I write it is 4:00 pm, June 26, 2018 in the NY19 Congressional District. The polls are still open, so we have no idea who will win the seven person Primary and become the Democratic nominee who will run against No-Show Faso, a sobriquet earned by his unwillingness to meet in open Town Halls with constituents. Faso should be easy to beat: he was one of the original sponsors of the national concealed carry firearms bill; he was video-taped promising a very ill young woman that he would not take away the Affordable Care Act—and then he voted to do so; he voted for ending Social Security; and one of his biggest donors was Mercer, founder of Cambridge Analytica. He defended the abduction of children from their families by the Trump Administration by Fasosplaining that such young children could not be jailed with their parents.

I have enthusiastically supported one of the seven contenders: Brian Flynn, a man whose integrity, platform, and experience inspired my allegiance. I strongly hope that he will win.

But, if he is not the people’s choice, I will continue to work and write letters to elect the winner. Brian himself has already pledged to do the same. This district cannot take two more years of knee-jerk jerks who do the bidding of money rather than that of their constituents.

I will work for the winner because I know and respect friends and acquaintances who have been working for each of the other candidates. These are people I see often. I honor their diligence and sacrifice, their hours spent writing letters, going door to door, making phone calls, having gatherings, and attending rallies. I have stood next to many of them at these rallies. I know they are sincere citizen activists who are working to save this country from a Supreme Court majority stolen by the Republicans in a hardly concealed effort to strangle democratic principle. I have read their letters condemning the kidnapping of children. I have seen their local Democratic parties grow because their neighbors are inspired by the well informed and logically presented discussions of these citizen action peers.

Each of these people I know pledged early on to work for the winner of the Primary because that winner would be the People’s Choice.

…And here we are on June 27, 2018, and the winner of the NY19 Democratic Primary is Antonio Delgado. Congratulations, Antonio, Gareth, Pat, Brian, David, Jeff, and Erin. Most of all I offer my congratulations to the Democratic process.



Day 524 – Letter to Democrats in Congress: We Need to Hear You. All of You. Loud and Clear.

Day 524 – Letter to Democrats in Congress: We Need to Hear You. All of You. Loud and Clear.

Dear Democrats in Congress,

As one of your constituents and as a moral human being, I am writing to you regarding the children separated from their parents at the border with Mexico. I understand that Trump, with a flourish of a big pen gripped in his teeny-tiny hand, ended the policy of separating families at the border. But it was clear to everyone when he did so that he completely failed to put in place a plan for reuniting the children and parents who had already been separated.  He ended a cruel practice but left a void behind. Cause that is just the kind of leader he is.

So I, your constituent, need you to take firm action where he failed to do so. A California federal court has already stepped in to set a timeframe in which families must be reunited. As my senator or representative, I need you to put your voice, your power and your convictions to work making sure this happens. I need you, my elected official, to make it clear where you stand on the immigration policy at our southern border.  I need you, in the summer leading up to the November elections, to make it clear that you stand on the side of humanity, human kindness and grace.

I need to hear your voice on this. Loud and clear.



Day 523 – Letter to Mitch McConnell: Blocking the Hearings for Merrick Garland Paid Off For You Today. November 2018 and 2020 Can’t Come Soon Enough For Us.

Day 523 – Letter to Mitch McConnell: Blocking the Hearings for Merrick Garland Paid Off For You Today. November 2018 and 2020 Can’t Come Soon Enough For Us.

Image from the Center for Public Integrity

Senator McConnell,

In the wake of two potentially catastrophic Supreme Court decisions today (one upholding the travel ban and the other overturning a law that required “crisis pregnancy centers” to supply women with information about abortions), we want to let you know a few things.

We will not forget about Merrick Garland.

We will not forget that you happily stalled his confirmation hearings.

We will not forget that you boasted about it after the fact.

We will not forget that you turned the bureaucratic machinery of one branch of government against another.

And…we will not forget to go to the polls.

We will not forget the havoc a weak, puppet-stringed Republican led congress has wreaked upon our country.

We will not forget how Republicans, like you, never really stopped backing the racist we have shaming the halls of the White House.

We will not forget your pale, phlegmatic responses to the horrendous things he has done and said.

And…we will not forget to go to the polls.

We pretty much can’t think of anything else besides that walk toward the November election. Toward that day when we, the people, get to start cleaning house. When we get to start fixing all the damage you and your cronies have caused to our nation domestically and in the eyes of our allies.

We can’t wait to vote you right out of office in 2020.

Start packing.










Day 521 – Letter to the Women of This Administration: I Wanted to Believe In You, But I Can’t. You Have Learned the Art of Deception Well…From the Master.

Day 521 – Letter to the Women of This Administration: I Wanted to Believe In You, But I Can’t. You Have Learned the Art of Deception Well…From the Master.

Image from Imitate Modern by Henry Hate

Dear Sisters,

I’ve always believed in the power and compassion of women.  We’ll see in November if that faith has any basis. Every woman’s vote is needed to restore sanity to the country.

In the meantime, I watch Trump’s abused women with horror.  This covey of female leaders seems bent to prove that incompetence, hatred, racism, lying, and corruption are not gender linked behaviors.  Women can be evil too.

Melania, I want to think that you are secretly lobbying for the return of immigrant children to their parents. Children kidnapped and “disappeared” by your husband.  I want to smile and imagine that your clothing message stating “I really don’t care. Do you?” was aimed at your husband and not stating your lack of compassion for babies sitting alone in dog cages under guard. Your soft voice, foreign accent, personal immigrant history, and devotion to Baron mislead.  I want to believe as a wife, a mother, and a strong woman you would champion values supporting human rights, kindness, and inclusion. If nothing else, I have believed you would want a better world for your son. But, I can’t. It looks to me like you made your deal with the devil. For a gold plated apartment, designer clothes, fancy stiletto heels, the chain migration of your parents into the U.S., and a child born to riches, you agreed to serve as high class “arm charm” for your misogynistic husband.

Kirstjen, I want to think that you are smart, competent, centered and a thoughtful sentinel of U.S. safety.  I want to believe you are not a racist and you would apply a woman’s pragmatism to solving complicated problems.  I watched your press briefing on the child immigration issue, and I wanted so much to believe you.  But, I can’t. Trump behaved like a bully to you, and you allowed him to push you into his world of deceit in order to regain his favor.  Really?  You want to be admired by a psychopath who is destroying the security institutions of the world? You willingly lie. I hope the pen given to you by the president after signing the change in policy on splitting up families gives you comfort as you listen to the distraught cries of children.

Sarah, I want to see you succeed as a beacon of truth to the American people who pay your salary.  I want to believe you internalized the Christian values you learned as the daughter of a preacher – values espoused by all the major religions of the world. I long to see you pull out the Golden Rule and place it on the podium before you.  I want to see you support the critical role of a free press in a democracy.  But, I can’t.  Truly I’m amazed by how smoothly you lie, distort, and the bite of your sarcasm.  You invoke the Christian Bible as if no one else had ever read it.  First, why is the Bible quoted as a justification for hatred?  Well, for any public policy at all?  Bible quotations don’t belong in the civic political discourse of the nation.  You pretend Christ preached a gospel of border security and fear, hatred of the stranger, disgust at the poor, and exploitation of children for political advantage. What happened to you?

Gina, I wanted to hear you renounce black site CIA operations, condemn torture, and ask for forgiveness for destroying the evidence of U.S. inhumanity to detainees.  I wanted to take pride in a women leading a critical national security organization. I wanted to trust your judgement.  But, I can’t.  You tortured other humans.  You destroyed the evidence. You offer no explanations or evidence of reflection. You’ve signed on to Trump’s cruelty and xenophobia.

Nikki, I thought maybe you had the potential to be the first woman president. Smart, articulate, strong, and a bit sassy, I had hope.  I wanted to see you use your strength to offer a counterpoint image of America to the world. I thought you understood the unique role the United States played as a beacon of hope, a reliable ally, and friend. I wanted to trust you.  But I can’t. You bully our allies and threaten smaller nations who rely on the United States for leadership and assistance.  “Our way or the highway” has become your theme.  You don’t deserve a future public service career or any position of trust.

Ivanka, I wanted to see you use your privileged position and special relationship with the president to help women – all women.  To help moms – all moms. To advocate for fair and equal wages, childcare for all, health care for mothers and babies, family leave, and family planning programs.  I wanted to like you.  But, I can’t.  Despite the hunch that you have been abused by this despicable man, your father, you are a full grown well-educated woman who could stand up to him.  You could confront extremist cabinet members.  You could work with Congress.  Instead you hawk your brand and use your position to gain access to Chinese markets. Money is your measure of success and it appears there is never enough.

Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chou, Kellyanne Conway, I never even had hopes for the three of you.  As a woman, you embarrass me.  As an American I am appalled.

We will see in November if the women of America will stand with the men in their lives and vote to return sanity to the United States.  While I love seeing women in positions of power, it gives me no delight when the women are as deceitful, corrupt, incompetent, and cruel, as the other sycophants of the Trump administration.

There is time. You could call a press conference, step forward together, and tell the truth. You could courageously become whistle blowers and provide the Special Counsel with evidence to bolster his case, a case that, hopefully, will result in impeachment. But, it appears you like your power too much.  You will not sacrifice your job, in order to save the country. You will not commit a smidgeon of your privilege, to save an infant stripped from his mother, wrapped in aluminum foil, sitting in a cage, crying. You appear to feel no fidelity to your oath of office.  You don’t have the strength to stand up to the world’s bully and say “not on my watch”.  You are mirrors of the Trump loving men, positional leaders without honor, without heart, without courage.  You, too, need to go in November.



Day 520 – Letter to Readers, L2T Writers and Activists: Keep the Pressure On!

Day 520 – Letter to Readers, L2T Writers and Activists: Keep the Pressure On!

Image from the NEA

Dear Readers. Writers, and Activists,

Rebecca Solnit, in her latest “Easy Chair” essay in Harper’s Magazine, gives a concise and accurate description of the current administration and Republican party politics:  “The right has become radicalized since Ronald Reagan and the rise of incoherent ideology that urges dismantling the state but building up the military, that preaches a gospel of austerity while running up deficits.  It embraces authoritarianism and heavy-handed policing and elevates individual rights—but not those of women.  It plays at folksy populism while serving the economic elite at everyone else’s expense.”  It’s a good statement to keep in mind as we continue to advocate and resist.

We are all urgently needed to advocate for the planet and resist the GOP policies and legislation that are threatening our public lands, our food, our waters, our soil, and the air we breathe.  We need to advocate for immigrants and reject policies that separate families and deny a safe haven for those who seek reprieve from violence and war.  We need to advocate for reforming campaign financing and resist the corporate control of Congress by a handful of billionaires who fund political campaigns, right wing think tanks, and spread propaganda with advertising and money to colleges and universities.  We need to advocate for voting rights for all, and reject voter suppression through gerrymandering and ID laws.  We need to advocate for fair and equal treatment for all and resist tax scams that reward the rich and leave the rest of us behind.  We need to advocate for living wages and the right to form unions, and reject the absurd “trickle down” theory.  We need to advocate for gun laws that address the endless mass killings and protest the silence from Congress on this issue.  We need to advocate for well-funded public schools and reject the obscenity of outrageous spending on the military and wars on other countries.  And more.

Above all, we need to remember that this so-called President is illegitimate.  He was not elected by a majority of the people.  He is incompetent.  He is a sexual predator.  He is a racist.  He is a misogynist.  He is malicious—and so are the Republicans who remain silent while he tweets absurdities, damages relationships with our allies, and cozies up to Russia and North Korea.

Trump is not my president; he is simply Trump.  He is the embodiment of our country’s loss of a moral center.  He is the result of “We, the people” not paying attention for the past 40 years.  We all have a responsibility to ensure his impeachment and to find a moral center once again; and demand that those we elect to govern the country maintain it.  We need to vote, protest, resist, and advocate for a humane and compassionate world.

Thank you, readers, for sticking with this project; and thank you, writers, for the passion and insights reflected in your letters.  I hope we all continue, in other ways, to resist this administration and advocate for policies and behaviors that reflect a more humane world.  I know I will.



Day 516 – Letter to the VA Republican Party: Corey Stewart? Fo’Real?

Day 516 – Letter to the VA Republican Party: Corey Stewart? Fo’Real?

Image from Courthouse News

Dear Virginia Republican Party,

Could it be that you’ve lost your minds?

Or is this a last-ditch effort to save a dying party?

Right-wing republican madness is

Elevating hate above country.

Y’all nominated a Minnesotan playin’ at being a “proud Southerner.”


Stewart is a neo-confederate with strong ties to Jason Kessler & Paul Nehlen,

Two racists who spew messages of bigotry and fear-mongering rhetoric.

Elect Stewart for the Senate?

What on earth are you thinking?

Are you aware that you will one day have to explain this mess to your grandchildren?

Really. And as a liberal independent and someone who supports Kaine, with this nomination—similar to Moore, and Akin, and O’Donnell, and so many other haters embraced by the endangered ass that symbolizes your party—I suppose there is only one thing left to say…

Thank you.



P.S. Russia isn’t about Russia. Russia is about using the presidency for the financial benefit of the president, his family, and his cronies. Russia is exactly like every other decision and appointment and declaration Trump has made. And you know what? It’s illegal. If you don’t believe me, then believe the Department of Justice (Misuse of Position & Government Resources).

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