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Day 499 – Letter to America: Say It With Me…CORRUPTION.

Day 499 – Letter to America: Say It With Me…CORRUPTION.

Image from Daily Kos

Dear America,

Stop rushing special prosecutor Mueller.  He’ll release his findings when all the rot has been exposed. But we risk losing sight of the ball here.  It’s not about impeachment.  Or indictments.  Or jail time.

Trump and his 38% will dismiss the findings.  They’ll call them fraudulent.  They are already setting the groundwork.

Here’s your mantra.  Here’s what to repeat each time you hear “no collusion:”




What we already know is that this is the most corrupt administration in American history.  What we have is a kleptocracy that rivals Russia.  Any moral superiority we had, the sort that let us look down from above at “banana republics,” is gone.  We are a laughing stock.  A joke.  And it is because of the institutional corruption of Trump and his cronies.

So stop thinking of Mueller as a savior.  His findings may or may not feel satisfying, and they will certainly be challenged by the Republican enablers.  But as we prepare for the 2018 elections, we need to keep our focus on the unreal corruption — the selling of influence, the raping of the public weal — that we already know about.




Day 428 – Letter to Kids and Teens Leading the Gun Control Charge: Tomorrow, the Children Lead the Grown-Ups.

Day 428 – Letter to Kids and Teens Leading the Gun Control Charge: Tomorrow, the Children Lead the Grown-Ups.

Image from Amplifier (offering free downloads of posters for March For Our Lives

Dear student activists,

Tomorrow the children will lead the grown-ups.

As I drove in the dark dawn hours this morning, I was reminded of all our children have to offer – and how much of that we often dismiss or overlook.

I listened to NPR on the radio. They were featuring tomorrow’s March for Our Lives.

In this age of protecting our children with rubber-chipped playgrounds and five-point seat buckles, we forget that children are not just kids who need to be ever-shielded. They are not always wrapped up in themselves, entitled and oblivious. They are watchful. They are pure of heart. They are brave. And they are strong.

On February 21, I walked my usual route in front of the White House on the way to a client meeting. There was a huge group of people – and I realized they were surrounding dozens of children. These were kids who don’t trust the grown-ups to do their jobs, which should be to protect these very children, protesting outside the White House. I got goosebumps.

On my ride this morning, I listened to this breathtaking interview on Morning Edition. NPR’s Noel King spoke with Cameron Kasky, who survived the Florida school shooting, about organizing tomorrow’s march. He had become known for giving Marco Rubio a hard time and asking him questions the politicians are scared to pussyfoot around.

Cameron was eloquent, passionate, and on-point. When the reporter asked him about others, mostly Republicans, starting to attack him and his peers by accusing them of being paid activists, he said, “When people can’t attack your argument, they start attacking you personally…That’s when you know you won.”

He said what I wish our grown-up leaders would have the guts to live out: “This only works because it’s us…The only reason this has worked and will continue to work is because we don’t let ourselves get bastardized by others.”

Cameron – and all of the kids he is working with – are shining the spotlight out onto all the other children and parents who are railing for gun control and protecting our innocent – but are overpowered and overshadowed. These shadows are cast by the NRA and other special interests who steer politicians’ morals away from the simple right, the simple human thing to do.

And then finally, StoryCorps came on. And as always, it made me weep. In today’s program, a mother talked with her 10 year-old son about the active shooter drills. He told her step-by-step what the class does during these drills. He then told his mom that he would put himself in front of the other kids if he had to – because, “It’s kind of like, there’s one person that can come home to the family, or there can be 22 people that come home to the family.” She didn’t know what to say to him – because he made it clear that he wouldn’t let his mother sway him.

You – you children. You, the ones who have stood up, who won’t get sidetracked, who are using your experiences to change the world – thank you.

Thank you for giving us more hope than we’ve had in a long, long time. Thank you for putting the simple right thing to do out front. Thank you for being media savvy, for taking risks, for supporting each other in a scary time. Thank you for letting your youthful openness lead the way.

I hope to God that when you are parents, you won’t need to imagine your children huddling behind desks. If you keep going the way you are, I am sure you won’t.

I – and so many of us grown-ups – are awed by you. Thank you for being the people you are. Thank you for setting examples for our children. And most of all – Thank you for leading us.



Kate Viggiano Janich, Mom. Activist. Entrepreneur.

And Letters2Trump

Day 392 – Letter to Senator Rubio: It Will Never Be Time to Talk About Gun Policy

Day 392 – Letter to Senator Rubio: It Will Never Be Time to Talk About Gun Policy

Photograph from the Detroit News

Dear Mr. Rubio,

In the aftermath of the Parkland High School shooting yesterday, there are thoughts and prayers flying left and right from state and federal lawmakers, like yours, to the students and teachers, their families and the community affected by the latest mass shooting.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

No more rhetoric, no more Parklands, no more Sandy Hooks, no more Columbines.

It is time for action.

But, once again too many of you are saying it is too soon to talk about policy, to discuss gun control. Too soon…

Here is what you said this morning:

As an NRA-supported politician, this may be the most scrupulous thing you have ever said.

It sounds sensible – too soon…we need to gather all the information. Too soon…we can’t jump to conclusions. Too soon… I don’t know if some law I could have passed would have made a difference. Too soon…we just had a horrific mass shooting.

Well, how about the next one, or the one after that.

Too soon?

Look at this calendar of mass shootings in 2018:

According to you Senator, I guess it’s been too soon since January 3.

By the way, these are just school shootings.

Yes, the 18 mass shootings that have happened in schools this year.  Here is a complete list rundown for you to follow. Also, please note that there were three mass shootings on Jan. 10 and two on Jan. 22.

Too soon?

Here is list of all the of mass shootings for 2017 and 2018.

How many more need to die and get injured because it’s too soon?

Mass Shootings 2017 and 2018

(source: Gun Violence Archive)

Incident Date State City Or County Address # Killed # Injured
14-Feb-18 Florida Pompano Beach (Parkland) 5901 Pine Island Rd 17 15
13-Feb-18 Louisiana New Orleans 5400 block of Andry Street 2 3
11-Feb-18 Michigan Detroit 19432 Lamont Street 4 3
10-Feb-18 Kentucky Paintsville 413 Mill Street 5 0
7-Feb-18 Florida Lake Worth (Lantana) I-95 and Lantana Ave 3 3
5-Feb-18 Colorado Colorado Springs 4225 Galley Rd 2 4
3-Feb-18 Ohio Cleveland (Garfield Heights) 11321 Broadway Ave 1 5
31-Jan-18 Missouri Saint Louis Goodfellow Blvd and Dr Martin Luther King Dr 0 4
28-Jan-18 Pennsylvania Melcroft 1301 Indian Creek Valley Rd 5 0
28-Jan-18 Pennsylvania Reading 123 S 3rd St 4 0
28-Jan-18 Indiana Indianapolis 1313 N Sherman Dr 2 3
27-Jan-18 California Los Angeles 243 East 119th St 0 5
27-Jan-18 Kentucky Bowling Green 645 Pearl Street 0 4
25-Jan-18 District of Columbia Washington 1600 block of Kenilworth Ave NE 0 4
23-Jan-18 Pennsylvania Philadelphia N 24th St and Ridge Ave 0 4
23-Jan-18 Kentucky Benton 416 High School Road 2 14
21-Jan-18 Florida Orlando 3101 Willow Bend Blvd 0 4
21-Jan-18 Illinois Chicago 3200 W Division St 0 4
17-Jan-18 District of Columbia Washington 2000 block of 16th St SE 1 3
16-Jan-18 South Carolina York 3042 Farrier Lane 1 4
15-Jan-18 Florida Alachua 14223 NW 156th Pl 0 5
14-Jan-18 Alabama Eutaw 809 Mesopotamia St 1 4
14-Jan-18 Alabama Madison 101 Westchester Dr 0 4
12-Jan-18 Tennessee Nashville 2614 Jenkins Ct 3 2
11-Jan-18 Missouri Saint Robert (St Robert) St Robert Outer Road and Houston Road 2 2
7-Jan-18 Alabama Union Springs U.S. Highway 29 1 5
7-Jan-18 Florida Plantation 5225 W Broward Blvd 0 4
5-Jan-18 Mississippi Hattiesburg 6168 US 49 0 6
4-Jan-18 Arkansas Brinkley 615 W 6th St 1 3
1-Jan-18 Alabama Huntsville 2025 Sparkman Dr NW 1 3
31-Dec-17 Colorado Littleton (Highlands Ranch) 3404 E County Line Rd 2 6
31-Dec-17 Illinois Chicago 2335 Howard St 0 4
31-Dec-17 New Jersey Long Branch 635 Wall St 4 0
27-Dec-17 Nevada Las Vegas 3750 E Bonanza Rd 2 2
26-Dec-17 Florida Miami NW 18th Ave and 86th Ter 0 5
24-Dec-17 Mississippi Vicksburg 1111 Mulberry Street 0 5
24-Dec-17 Alabama Troy 100 block of Chapman St 1 4
23-Dec-17 Louisiana Eunice 100 block of City Avenue 1 3
23-Dec-17 Alabama Birmingham 3rd Ave N and 9th St N 0 4
21-Dec-17 Louisiana Lafayette 1500 block of N University Avenue 0 4
21-Dec-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 6600 block of Dorel St 1 3
16-Dec-17 Mississippi Mc Cool (Mccool) Ferguson Rd 0 4
15-Dec-17 California Pacoima 13041 Jouett Street 0 5
13-Dec-17 Ohio Columbus 200 block of E Barthman Ave 1 3
12-Dec-17 Kentucky Louisville 17th and Gallagher Streets 0 4
12-Dec-17 Texas Garland 1301 Rivercrest Ln 0 4
9-Dec-17 Massachusetts Boston Proctor St 0 4
6-Dec-17 Illinois Chicago 4620 N Broadway 0 4
4-Dec-17 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 7200 block of Everton St 2 2
3-Dec-17 Tennessee Memphis 656 Marshall Ave 1 3
2-Dec-17 Michigan Detroit 5200 Woodward Avenue 0 4
30-Nov-17 Michigan Detroit 11000 block of Gunston 1 4
24-Nov-17 Ohio Cleveland 11618 Buckeye Rd 1 5
24-Nov-17 Mississippi Brookhaven 119 Martin Street 1 6
18-Nov-17 Minnesota Minneapolis 3600 block of Emerson Avenue North 0 4
17-Nov-17 Louisiana New Iberia 900 Block of Mississippi St 0 4
16-Nov-17 Georgia Columbus 1400 block of 15th Street 0 7
14-Nov-17 California Corning 17357 Stagecoach Rd 6 12
14-Nov-17 California Richmond 900 Block of View Dr 2 2
12-Nov-17 Indiana Gary 4601 Melton Rd 0 7
12-Nov-17 California Fresno S Calvin Ave 0 5
12-Nov-17 Georgia Atlanta 50 Lower Alabama St 2 2
11-Nov-17 Texas Dallas 2532 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 1 3
11-Nov-17 Louisiana New Orleans Forstall Street and Burgundy Street 1 5
11-Nov-17 North Carolina Fayetteville 2835 Bragg Blvd 1 5
10-Nov-17 Ohio Dayton (Trotwood) 193 Olive Rd 0 4
9-Nov-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1800 block of Ringgold 0 4
5-Nov-17 Texas Sutherland Springs 216 4th St 27 20
4-Nov-17 Texas Austin N Lamar Blvd and Masterson Pass 0 4
4-Nov-17 Ohio Youngstown 2810 Market St 0 4
4-Nov-17 California Santa Monica 1515 Ocean Avenue 1 3
3-Nov-17 Minnesota Minneapolis 10th Ave S and E 24th St 0 4
3-Nov-17 California Gardena E 163rd St and S Main St 0 4
3-Nov-17 New York Buffalo 147 Roosevelt Ave 0 4
3-Nov-17 Louisiana Lacombe 27600 block of Mirmar Street 1 4
29-Oct-17 Texas Austin 5500 block of Ave F 1 3
28-Oct-17 Ohio Toledo 1327 N Huron St 0 4
28-Oct-17 Virginia Petersburg N Sycamore St and Franklin 1 3
27-Oct-17 Kentucky Louisville 1716 Prentice St 0 6
27-Oct-17 California San Francisco 1100 block of Fillmore 0 4
23-Oct-17 California Clearlake Oaks 13000 block of Anchor Village 2 2
22-Oct-17 Connecticut Hartford Wethersfield Avenue and Elliott Street 0 4
22-Oct-17 Alabama Lanett 1606 19th St Sw 2 7
21-Oct-17 Florida Jacksonville 164 E Eubanks St 0 4
21-Oct-17 Tennessee Nashville 1277 12th Ave S 0 4
21-Oct-17 Pennsylvania Chester 1200 block of W Carlas Ln 0 4
21-Oct-17 Florida Tampa 400 Block of E Nordica St 0 4
18-Oct-17 Maryland Edgewood 2111 Emmorton Park Rd 3 3
17-Oct-17 New York Brooklyn 181 Martense St 0 4
16-Oct-17 Mississippi Meridian 5th Street 1 3
15-Oct-17 Texas Houston 6233 Gulfton St 2 2
15-Oct-17 Arizona Phoenix 107th Ave and Camelback Rd 1 3
12-Oct-17 California Aliso Viejo 6 Asbury Ct 2 2
11-Oct-17 Ohio Pedro 15497 SR 93 4 0
10-Oct-17 California San Francisco 25th St and Treat Ave 0 4
9-Oct-17 Texas Houston 3352 Old Spanish Trail 0 5
7-Oct-17 Arizona Phoenix 87th Ave and Thomas Rd 0 4
6-Oct-17 Illinois Chicago 8000 block of S Marshfield 0 5
5-Oct-17 Arizona Casa Grande 400 block of W 13th Street 4 0
3-Oct-17 Florida Miami 2051 NW 65th St 0 4
1-Oct-17 Kansas Lawrence 1000 block of Massachusetts St 3 2
1-Oct-17 Nevada Las Vegas 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S 59 441
30-Sep-17 Tennessee Memphis 800 block of Kerr Avenue 1 3
28-Sep-17 Louisiana New Orleans 2001 N Rocheblave St 1 3
26-Sep-17 Tennessee Memphis 2531 Chelsea Ave 0 4
26-Sep-17 Maryland Baltimore 3200 block of Lyndale Ave 2 2
26-Sep-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 100 block of Pastorius St 1 3
24-Sep-17 Maryland Baltimore 500 block of E. Patapsco Avenue 0 4
24-Sep-17 New Jersey Mays Landing 6000 block of Hoover Dr 1 3
24-Sep-17 Tennessee Antioch 3890 Pin Hook Rd 1 8
24-Sep-17 New York Syracuse 1226 E Fayette St 0 4
23-Sep-17 California Bakersfield 818 Real Rd 1 4
23-Sep-17 Illinois Danville Seminary St and Jackson St 0 5
23-Sep-17 Connecticut Hartford 1164 Albany Ave 2 2
20-Sep-17 Indiana Gary 4300 block of 23rd Ct 0 5
17-Sep-17 Michigan Detroit 5000 block of Stanton Street 1 3
17-Sep-17 Virginia Petersburg 300 Mistletoe St 1 4
16-Sep-17 South Carolina Columbia 920 Lady Street 0 8
13-Sep-17 Washington Rockford 14626 S Jackson Rd 1 3
13-Sep-17 Pennsylvania York 400 block of S Duke St 0 4
13-Sep-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 3100 block of N 2nd St 0 4
13-Sep-17 Tennessee Memphis 1000 block of Morehead St 1 5
10-Sep-17 Louisiana New Orleans 2101 N Claiborne Ave 1 3
10-Sep-17 Texas Plano 1712 West Spring Creek Parkway 9 1
9-Sep-17 Alabama Selma Kings Bend Road 0 4
6-Sep-17 Illinois Chicago 2700 block of Madison 0 4
4-Sep-17 Illinois Bellwood 1000 block of Bellwood Ave 0 4
3-Sep-17 California Inglewood 10100 block of S Firmona Ave 2 3
2-Sep-17 Kentucky Louisville 8008 Watterson Trail 0 4
2-Sep-17 Illinois Chicago 8300 block of S Hermitage 1 3
28-Aug-17 New Mexico Clovis 701 N Main St 2 4
27-Aug-17 California Sacramento 7760 24th St 1 4
27-Aug-17 Indiana Evansville 1127 Chestnut St 1 3
25-Aug-17 Florida Gainesville 1600 NE 8th Ave 0 4
24-Aug-17 Missouri Saint Louis 10400 block of Balmoral Dr 4 0
22-Aug-17 Illinois Chicago 300 block of N Central Ave 0 4
21-Aug-17 New Jersey Newark Fabyan Place 0 4
21-Aug-17 New Jersey Newark 700 block of S 19th St 1 3
21-Aug-17 Maryland Baltimore Cottage Avenue and Park Heights Avenue 1 3
21-Aug-17 North Carolina Whitakers 980 Fishing Creek Rd 4 0
21-Aug-17 Tennessee Memphis 262 Decatur St 0 4
20-Aug-17 Illinois Chicago 11901 S Loomis St 2 5
20-Aug-17 New York Brooklyn 100th St and Ave M 0 4
19-Aug-17 Ohio Cleveland 11143 Superior Ave 1 4
16-Aug-17 New York Wyandanch Merritt Ave and 15th St 0 4
14-Aug-17 California North Hollywood Morrison St and Klump Ave 2 2
13-Aug-17 California Sacramento 4000 Block of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 0 4
13-Aug-17 Virginia Suffolk 8700 block of Quay Rd 0 4
13-Aug-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 39th St and Melon St 0 5
12-Aug-17 Missouri Saint Louis 12310 Bellefontaine Rd 1 3
8-Aug-17 Illinois Chicago 1 block of East 37th Street 1 6
6-Aug-17 New York Bronx Wickham Ave 0 6
6-Aug-17 New York Bronx Unionport Rd 0 4
6-Aug-17 California Oakland 1000 block of 106th Avenue 0 7
5-Aug-17 New Jersey Lakewood 900 block of Brook Road 0 4
5-Aug-17 South Carolina Allendale 300 block of Ellis St 1 3
5-Aug-17 Florida Tallahassee 1939 W Tennessee St 1 3
4-Aug-17 Montana Lodge Grass 200 block of North Helen Street 3 2
3-Aug-17 District of Columbia Washington 3426 18th St NE 1 3
2-Aug-17 Maryland Baltimore 900 block of N Broadway 0 4
1-Aug-17 Washington Toppenish 8000 Block of Lateral C Rd 0 6
1-Aug-17 California Fresno Mariposa St and A St 0 7
1-Aug-17 Illinois Chicago 800 block of N Monticello Ave 0 4
31-Jul-17 Illinois Decatur Jasper St and Main St 0 4
30-Jul-17 Virginia Norfolk 1500 block of Azalea Garden Rd 1 5
30-Jul-17 Texas El Paso 1810 George Dieter Dr 1 3
29-Jul-17 New York Buffalo 200 block of Carl St 1 4
29-Jul-17 North Carolina Salisbury 115 W Fisher St 2 3
28-Jul-17 Delaware Wilmington 400 block of N Washington St 0 4
27-Jul-17 Illinois Chicago 2000 block of E 71st St 1 4
26-Jul-17 North Carolina High Point 2111 E. Green Drive 1 6
25-Jul-17 Florida Jacksonville 1040 Golfair Boulevard 1 3
23-Jul-17 Illinois Chicago 1500 block of East 82nd St 1 3
23-Jul-17 Louisiana Baton Rouge 10360 Ave H 0 4
22-Jul-17 Ohio Cincinnati 130 E Clifton Ave 0 5
19-Jul-17 Virginia Richmond 2300 block of Bethel St 0 5
19-Jul-17 California Los Angeles Imperial Hwy and Broadway 1 3
18-Jul-17 New Jersey Trenton Hewitt St and Division St 1 3
18-Jul-17 Wisconsin Milwaukee 3000 Block of N 39th St 0 4
18-Jul-17 Arizona El Mirage NW Grand Ave and W Thunderbird Rd 0 4
15-Jul-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 21st and Fitzwater 1 3
15-Jul-17 Illinois Chicago 12200 block of S Throop St 0 4
9-Jul-17 Virginia Lawrenceville 500 block Sturgeon Rd 0 7
8-Jul-17 Illinois Alton 700 block of Oakwood 0 4
8-Jul-17 Ohio Cincinnati 9917 Capstan Dr 1 8
6-Jul-17 Mississippi Meridian Eighth Ave 0 4
5-Jul-17 Georgia Savannah Jefferson Street and West St. Julian Street 0 4
5-Jul-17 Illinois Chicago (Roseland) 11000 block of S Eberhart 2 2
5-Jul-17 Maine Madison 300 block of Russell Rd 4 1
4-Jul-17 Florida Orlando (Pine Castle) 501 W Lancaster Rd 0 4
4-Jul-17 Virginia Hampton 500 block of Patterson Ave 1 4
4-Jul-17 North Carolina Raleigh 105 E South St 1 3
3-Jul-17 Alabama Prattville 112 US 82 3 1
3-Jul-17 Michigan Pontiac 50 block of Thorpe St 1 3
2-Jul-17 New Jersey Jersey City Wilkinson Avenue 0 4
2-Jul-17 South Carolina Greenwood SC 72 Bypass 0 4
1-Jul-17 Illinois Momence 2727 S 13000 Rd E 0 4
1-Jul-17 New Jersey Newark Lincoln Park and Pennsylvania Avenue 2 2
1-Jul-17 California Oakland 3200 Humboldt Ave 0 4
1-Jul-17 Arkansas Little Rock 220 W 6th St 0 25
30-Jun-17 New York Bronx 1650 Grand Concourse 2 6
27-Jun-17 Illinois Chicago 200 block of S Lotus 0 5
25-Jun-17 District of Columbia Washington 5900 block of Southern Ave SE 0 4
25-Jun-17 Missouri Saint Louis 5000 block of Thekla Ave 1 3
24-Jun-17 Florida Fort Lauderdale 2335 NW 16th Ct 1 4
24-Jun-17 New York New York (Manhattan) 114th St and Manhattan Ave 0 5
24-Jun-17 New Jersey Willingboro Pastoral Lane 0 4
22-Jun-17 Georgia Atlanta 1100 block of Osborne Street 1 6
18-Jun-17 Missouri Saint Louis 1900 block of N 14th St 3 2
18-Jun-17 District of Columbia Washington 3100 block of Buena Vista Terrace SE 0 4
18-Jun-17 Illinois Chicago 3300 block of W Crystal St 0 4
18-Jun-17 South Carolina Myrtle Beach 311 N Ocean Blvd 0 7
17-Jun-17 Ohio Columbus 6252 Busch Blvd 1 4
17-Jun-17 Illinois Chicago 1 block of North Latrobe 0 4
15-Jun-17 Virginia Richmond 4053 Old Brook Road 1 3
15-Jun-17 New Mexico La Madera 491 NM 111 5 0
14-Jun-17 Ohio Canton 14th St. NE and Gibbs Ave. NE 0 4
14-Jun-17 Virginia Alexandria 420 E Monroe Ave 1 5
14-Jun-17 California San Francisco 720 San Bruno 4 2
13-Jun-17 Maryland Baltimore 3300 block of Ayrdale Avenue 0 4
13-Jun-17 Maryland Baltimore 1200 block of Bonaparte Avenue 2 2
13-Jun-17 Missouri Saint Louis (University City) Ferguson Ave and Plymouth Ave 0 4
11-Jun-17 Illinois Chicago 3300 block of W Douglas Blvd 0 9
11-Jun-17 Tennessee Chattanooga 4272 Bonny Oaks Drive 0 4
11-Jun-17 Texas Houston 505 Cypress Station Dr 0 4
10-Jun-17 Tennessee Memphis 571 East Street 0 4
9-Jun-17 Texas Fort Worth East Davis Avenue and New York Avenue 2 5
8-Jun-17 Louisiana New Orleans 3650 Franklin Ave 0 6
6-Jun-17 Utah Sandy 2232 Alta Canyon Drive 3 2
5-Jun-17 Florida Orlando 2427 Forsyth Rd 6 0
3-Jun-17 Missouri Saint Louis 1600 Block of Union Blvd 2 2
3-Jun-17 Louisiana New Orleans 3717 Tulane Ave 3 2
2-Jun-17 Texas Laredo 5301 McPherson Rd 2 3
2-Jun-17 California Los Angeles 89th St and Broadway 1 3
1-Jun-17 Missouri Saint Louis Beacon Ave and Lillian Ave 3 1
30-May-17 Ohio Middletown 1200 Elliott Dr 1 3
29-May-17 Kentucky Louisville 231 Witherspoon St 1 3
28-May-17 Alabama Phenix City 100 block of 6th Street South 0 12
28-May-17 New Jersey Paterson 86 Main Street 1 5
28-May-17 Mississippi Moss Point 6103 Hwy. 63 0 5
27-May-17 New York New York (Manhattan) 318 W 14th St 0 4
27-May-17 District of Columbia Washington 100 block of Q Street Northwest 1 7
27-May-17 Mississippi Bogue Chitto 2871 Lee Drive 8 1
26-May-17 Florida Miami 2730 NW 167th St 0 4
21-May-17 Iowa Des Moines 4300 Beaver Dr 1 3
21-May-17 Arizona Mesa 441 N Val Vista Dr 0 4
20-May-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 2100 block of W Huntingdon St 0 10
16-May-17 South Carolina Ruffin 21785 Lowcountry Hwy 3 1
14-May-17 Arkansas Jonesboro 311 S Main St 1 6
14-May-17 Illinois Dolton 14112 Chicago Road 0 5
14-May-17 Florida Avon Park Hal McRae Blvd and Delaney Ave 0 5
14-May-17 Texas Fort Worth 8600 block of Calmont Ave 0 4
10-May-17 New Jersey Trenton 300 block of Centre St 1 3
9-May-17 Kansas Kansas City 1900 block of S. Boeke 3 1
7-May-17 Illinois Chicago 2600 block of 46th Pl 2 8
4-May-17 Michigan Flint 600 block of Copeman Boulevard 1 3
2-May-17 Florida Jacksonville 1566 West 24th Street 1 3
1-May-17 Texas Dallas 3200 block of Reynolds Ave 2 3
30-Apr-17 California San Diego 9080 Judicial Dr 2 6
30-Apr-17 Kansas Topeka 4104 SW 28th 4 1
30-Apr-17 Florida Jacksonville 1200 Ken Knight Dr N 0 5
30-Apr-17 South Carolina Loris 268 N Sea Green Rd 1 5
29-Apr-17 Maryland Germantown 12800 block of Kitchen House Way 1 3
29-Apr-17 California Los Angeles (Boyle Heights) Murchison St and Lancaster Ave 1 3
29-Apr-17 California Sacramento 3800 block of 26th Avenue 0 5
29-Apr-17 California Whittier 10000 block of Carmentia Rd 1 5
29-Apr-17 California Compton 2000 Block of N Nestor Ave 0 4
29-Apr-17 Virginia Virginia Beach 200 block of 18th St 0 4
28-Apr-17 Pennsylvania Chester 5 E 21st St 0 4
27-Apr-17 New Jersey Newark 1100 block of S Orange Ave 1 3
26-Apr-17 Florida Miami SW 264th St and 139th Ave 0 4
21-Apr-17 Florida Palm Bay 2500 block of Vernon Dr 2 2
20-Apr-17 Kentucky Louisville 700 block of East Jacob Street 0 4
16-Apr-17 California Vallejo 110 Calhoun Street 0 4
16-Apr-17 North Carolina Elizabeth City 611 S Martin St 0 4
16-Apr-17 Ohio Columbus 1710 Cleveland Av 0 9
15-Apr-17 Illinois Rock Falls 311 W 2nd St 0 4
15-Apr-17 Indiana Indianapolis 300 block of S Meridian St 0 4
15-Apr-17 Alabama Birmingham 1480 Center Point Pkwy 0 6
15-Apr-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 5900 block of Hammond Street 0 4
15-Apr-17 Illinois Harvey 14600 block of Myrtle Avenue 0 4
15-Apr-17 California Banning 900 block of N Allen St 0 4
13-Apr-17 Georgia Atlanta 30 Anderson Ave SW 1 3
9-Apr-17 Texas San Antonio 3100 block of Fidelia Drive 1 3
9-Apr-17 Indiana Fort Wayne 9439 Lima Rd 1 3
7-Apr-17 North Carolina Hickory 1423 29th Ave Dr NE 3 1
7-Apr-17 Texas Houston 3829 Mount Pleasant St 5 0
7-Apr-17 Minnesota Saint Paul 1600 block of English St 4 1
7-Apr-17 Illinois Chicago 5600 block of W Lake St 1 5
6-Apr-17 Louisiana Lake Charles 2000 block of Tulip St 1 3
3-Apr-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1100 block of W Stiles St 3 1
3-Apr-17 Texas Lubbock 5401 Ave Q 0 7
2-Apr-17 Illinois Chicago 3500 block of West Van Buren Street 2 4
2-Apr-17 Iowa Des Moines 2500 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway 0 5
1-Apr-17 California Pittsburg 100 block of Madoline Street 0 5
1-Apr-17 Florida Tampa 219 S Howard Ave 1 4
1-Apr-17 Oklahoma Oklahoma City 1200 block of N Woodward Avenue 2 3
30-Mar-17 Illinois Chicago 2704 E 75th St 4 0
27-Mar-17 Florida Sanford 209 Hays Dr 2 4
26-Mar-17 Texas Houston 5619 Aldine Bender Rd 2 4
26-Mar-17 Ohio Cincinnati 4601 Kellogg Ave 2 15
26-Mar-17 Ohio Cleveland E 75th St 2 2
25-Mar-17 Michigan Detroit 8443 Grand River Ave 1 3
25-Mar-17 Tennessee Knoxville Minnesota Avenue 1 4
25-Mar-17 Ohio Cleveland E 79th St and Woodland Ave 2 2
24-Mar-17 California Fresno 300 block of South Villa Avenue 1 4
24-Mar-17 Missouri Saint Louis 5100 block of Palm St 1 6
22-Mar-17 Wisconsin Rothschild 1133 E Grand Ave 5 0
19-Mar-17 Kentucky Louisville 1512 Portland Avenue 1 5
18-Mar-17 Michigan Detroit 16000 block of Rutherford 3 2
15-Mar-17 Louisiana Metairie 2508 Pasadena Ave 3 1
10-Mar-17 Illinois Chicago 123 E 51st St 2 2
10-Mar-17 Louisiana New Orleans (Gentilly) 4200 block of Touro St 3 1
7-Mar-17 Illinois Chicago West 76th Street and South May streets 0 4
5-Mar-17 Georgia Columbus 600 block of 32nd Street 0 4
4-Mar-17 Kansas Topeka 23rd and Bellview 1 4
4-Mar-17 California Sacramento 2500 block of 33rd St 0 4
3-Mar-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 7165 Germantown Ave 0 4
3-Mar-17 California Riverside 8300 block of Trey Ave 0 5
28-Feb-17 Ohio Cincinnati 1700 of Casey Drive 0 6
27-Feb-17 Virginia Newport News 11810 Fountain Way 0 4
26-Feb-17 Indiana Gary 1700 block of Grant St 1 4
25-Feb-17 Ohio Warren 1564 Niles Cortland Rd SE 2 3
25-Feb-17 Florida Jacksonville 3604 Moncrief Rd 1 4
22-Feb-17 New York Rochester 191 Genesee St 0 4
21-Feb-17 Ohio Cleveland 16700 Lorain Ave 0 4
21-Feb-17 Mississippi Toomsuba Butts Road 4 0
20-Feb-17 Ohio Cleveland 1082 East 105th Street 0 5
19-Feb-17 Virginia Norfolk Church Street and East Virginia Beach Blvd 1 3
18-Feb-17 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1 block of N Conestoga 0 4
18-Feb-17 Indiana South Bend 1000 block of Yukon St 1 3
15-Feb-17 California Salinas 30 Soledad Street 0 4
15-Feb-17 Illinois Chicago 3949 South Albany Avenue 3 2
12-Feb-17 Missouri Caruthersville 908 Truman Blvd 1 6
12-Feb-17 New York Newburgh 253 South William Street 1 3
12-Feb-17 Florida Greenville Church Ave and Obadiah St 0 5
11-Feb-17 Tennessee Savannah Clifton Road and Midway Drive 0 4
11-Feb-17 Illinois Chicago 100 block of North Mayfield 1 3
10-Feb-17 Louisiana New Orleans 2nd St and Dryades St 1 5
9-Feb-17 Mississippi Jackson 3150 Robinson Road 4 0
8-Feb-17 Ohio Cleveland 16379 Euclid Ave 1 4
7-Feb-17 South Carolina Columbia 5500 block of Fairfield Road 0 4
7-Feb-17 Arkansas Little Rock 25 Par Drive 1 4
6-Feb-17 Mississippi Yazoo City 11th Street 4 0
31-Jan-17 Tennessee Memphis 1576 S White Station Rd 0 4
31-Jan-17 District of Columbia Washington 2900 block of Martin Luther King Jr Ave 0 4
30-Jan-17 Minnesota Minneapolis (Crystal) 5410 Lakeland Ave N 0 4
29-Jan-17 Louisiana Shreveport 6363 Hearne Ave 1 4
27-Jan-17 Washington Bremerton Tenino Dr W 4 0
27-Jan-17 Tennessee Brownsville 221 Morgan St 0 10
26-Jan-17 Georgia Albany 1510 Maryland Drive 2 3
25-Jan-17 Illinois Chicago 500 block of E 75th St 0 6
22-Jan-17 Texas Manvel 200 block of Oak Shore Dr 3 2
22-Jan-17 Illinois Chicago (Englewood) 1800 block of W 63rd 0 4
22-Jan-17 Georgia Atlanta 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW 3 1
21-Jan-17 Georgia Jonesboro 6510 Tara Blvd 0 6
21-Jan-17 Florida Boynton Beach 500 NE 2nd St 0 5
21-Jan-17 Tennessee Memphis 500 block of Delta Road 2 2
20-Jan-17 Mississippi Como Smart Road 1 4
20-Jan-17 California Fresno 4700 block of E Montecito Ave 0 4
16-Jan-17 Texas Houston 8535 Martin Luther King Boulevard 0 4
16-Jan-17 Florida Miami 6011 NW 32nd Ave 0 8
15-Jan-17 Colorado Capulin County Road Y 3 1
15-Jan-17 Mississippi Magnolia 6000 block of Church Road 1 4
12-Jan-17 Missouri Kansas City 8607 E 61st Terrace 3 2
12-Jan-17 California Salinas 500 block of Sunrise St 2 2
11-Jan-17 New Jersey Newark Hawkins Street and Christie Street 1 3
11-Jan-17 Illinois Chicago 4200 block of S Talman 1 3
7-Jan-17 Michigan Flint 2500 block of Churchill Ave 1 3
6-Jan-17 California Pasadena 100 block of W Claremont St 2 2
6-Jan-17 Florida Fort Lauderdale 100 Terminal Dr 5 6
4-Jan-17 California Fontana 14520 Village Drive 3 1
3-Jan-17 Texas Allen 500 block of Hawthorne Drive 0 4
1-Jan-17 Mississippi Winstonville 114 North Greyer Street 0 5
1-Jan-17 Texas Dallas 9220 Skillman Street 1 3
1-Jan-17 Florida Miami 8000 block of NW 14th Ave 0 7
31-Dec-16 Georgia Lenox (El Dorado) 27 Briarwood Ct 2 2
31-Dec-16 Texas Houston 3704 Fannin Street 1 3
30-Dec-16 Ohio Mansfield 3230 Possum Run Rd 0 5
30-Dec-16 Connecticut Wallingford 95 S Turnpike Road 2 2
28-Dec-16 Georgia Columbus 2914 10th Street 1 4
25-Dec-16 Alabama Ozark 858 US-231 0 4
25-Dec-16 Illinois Chicago 8600 block of South Maryland Avenue 3 4
25-Dec-16 New York Mount Vernon 4 North 3rd Avenue 1 5
24-Dec-16 North Carolina Madison 490 K Ford Rd 0 7
24-Dec-16 North Carolina Wilson 2241 Banks Lane East 4 0
23-Dec-16 Alabama Birmingham 3813 Richard Arrington Boulevard North 1 3
23-Dec-16 Illinois Chicago 4900 block of West Hubbard 0 4
17-Dec-16 North Carolina Charlotte 4115 N. Tryon Street 0 4
17-Dec-16 Illinois Chicago (Roseland) 100 block of West 105th Street 5 0
16-Dec-16 Illinois Chicago 4300 block of South Rockwell 2 2
16-Dec-16 Illinois Chicago 13th and South Kedzie 0 4
12-Dec-16 California Sacramento 4800 block of Myrtle Avenue 1 3
11-Dec-16 New York Brooklyn 192 Knickerbocker Ave 0 4
11-Dec-16 Florida Orlando (Pine Hills) 4305 N Pine Hills Rd 1 4
11-Dec-16 Maryland Baltimore 3916 South Hanover Street 0 5
11-Dec-16 North Carolina Rocky Mount 1200 block of East Highland Ave 0 4
9-Dec-16 Texas Channelview 15300 block of Market 4 0
9-Dec-16 California Fresno 842 Fresno Street 0 4
5-Dec-16 New Mexico Albuquerque 1532 Stagecoach Lane 4 1
3-Dec-16 California Los Angeles 91st Street and Western Avenue 0 6
2-Dec-16 New Jersey Bloomfield 3 1st Ave 0 6
1-Dec-16 California Clearlake Oaks N/A 1 3
30-Nov-16 Maryland Baltimore 2901 Garrison Blvd 2 4
28-Nov-16 Texas Mission (Palmview) 1840 West Palma Vista Drive 1 3
28-Nov-16 California Wilmington 1067 McDonald Avenue 0 4
28-Nov-16 California San Pedro 300 block of West 2nd Street 0 4
27-Nov-16 Louisiana New Orleans 100 block of Bourbon Street 1 9
27-Nov-16 Missouri Kansas City Gregory and Prospect 0 7
26-Nov-16 Illinois Chicago 8800 block of S Exchange Ave 1 5
25-Nov-16 Louisiana New Orleans Magnolia Street and Felicity Street 0 4
24-Nov-16 Kentucky Louisville 4501 W Broadway 2 4
24-Nov-16 New York Albany 77 Central Ave 1 3
23-Nov-16 Mississippi Olive Branch 928 Cross Road 0 4
22-Nov-16 Florida Clewiston 1068 Harlem Academy Avenue 1 4
18-Nov-16 Illinois Chicago 5000 block of West Wabansia 0 4
17-Nov-16 Tennessee Dyersburg 160 Longfellow 1 7
13-Nov-16 Florida Jacksonville 5105 Cleveland Rd 3 2
13-Nov-16 Texas San Antonio 8000 Midcrown 0 4
13-Nov-16 California San Diego 3800 block of Marlborough Avenue 3 2
13-Nov-16 Florida Orlando Conley Street and South Ivey Lane 0 4
12-Nov-16 California Sacramento 8600 block of Ardith Drive 1 5
12-Nov-16 Missouri Kansas City 21st St and Cleveland Ave 1 3
12-Nov-16 Connecticut Bridgeport 2500 Park Avenue 0 5
11-Nov-16 Texas Houston 7705 Channelside Street 0 4
10-Nov-16 Texas Houston 6610 S Sam Houston Pkwy W 1 3
9-Nov-16 Washington Seattle 1524 3rd Ave 0 5
9-Nov-16 Illinois Chicago 3400 block of W Monroe 1 3
9-Nov-16 Tennessee Memphis 1800 block of East Brooks Road 0 4
5-Nov-16 Florida Fort Lauderdale (Lauderhill) 3135 West Broward Boulevard 1 3
5-Nov-16 Texas San Antonio 10726 Perrin Beitel Rd 0 4
5-Nov-16 South Carolina Myrtle Beach 803 Main St 0 5
5-Nov-16 California Oakland 420 14th Street 0 8
5-Nov-16 Illinois Chicago 4800 block of North Winthrop 0 5
4-Nov-16 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 5451 Springfield Ave 0 4
3-Nov-16 Illinois Chicago 8000 block of S Shore Dr 2 2
3-Nov-16 New Jersey Orange 234 Cleveland Street 2 2
2-Nov-16 Arkansas Little Rock 2111 Bragg Street 1 4
1-Nov-16 Tennessee Memphis 5200 block of Zodiac Rd 1 5
31-Oct-16 Louisiana Shreveport 700 Block of W 68th St 0 4
30-Oct-16 Ohio Toledo 742 Junction Ave 0 4
30-Oct-16 New York New York (Manhattan) 135 Ridge Street 0 4
30-Oct-16 New York Newburgh 119 First Street 2 5
30-Oct-16 Maryland Capitol Heights 6860 Walker Mill Road 3 3
30-Oct-16 Texas San Antonio 2900 block of Aspen Meadow 0 5
29-Oct-16 Ohio Dayton 2010 Cornell Ridge Dr 1 3
29-Oct-16 California Los Angeles 1600 block of Century Boulevard 0 5
29-Oct-16 California Riverside 3500 block of Madison Street 0 4
28-Oct-16 Mississippi Jackson 200 block of Lorenz Blvd 0 6
28-Oct-16 Florida Miami Gardens Northwest 173rd Terrace and 27th Avenue 0 4
27-Oct-16 Georgia Jackson 600 block of Moccasin Gap Road 4 0
25-Oct-16 Ohio Dayton 3300 block of Riverside Dr 1 3
25-Oct-16 Virginia Roanoke 830 Campbell Avenue Southeast 2 3
23-Oct-16 Oklahoma Wellston Highway 66 and N 3310 Rd 1 5
22-Oct-16 California Oakland 77th and Bancroft Avenues 0 7
18-Oct-16 California San Francisco 325 La Grande Ave 0 4
17-Oct-16 Illinois Chicago (Englewood) 6700 block of South Winchester 1 4
15-Oct-16 Alabama Mobile 1800 block of St Stephens Road 0 5
15-Oct-16 Illinois Rockford 7801 East State St 1 5
15-Oct-16 California Los Angeles 2918 Rimpau Blvd 4 11
14-Oct-16 Illinois Chicago 3300 block of W Maypole Ave 1 6
13-Oct-16 Illinois Chicago 2700 block of West Lexington 0 4
9-Oct-16 Michigan Grand Rapids 1850 28th Street SE 1 8
9-Oct-16 California Sacramento 1696 Arden Way 1 3
8-Oct-16 New York Brooklyn 7301 3rd Ave 0 4
4-Oct-16 Louisiana New Orleans 3727 Ulloa Street 3 2
3-Oct-16 Minnesota Minneapolis Fourth St and Hennepin Ave 0 4
2-Oct-16 Texas San Antonio 2600 South Flores Street 1 4
1-Oct-16 Illinois Pembroke Township 17250E Road 4 0
1-Oct-16 California Fresno 3200 block of East Clay Avenue 0 4
29-Sep-16 California San Francisco 400 block of Ellis Street 1 3
26-Sep-16 North Carolina Winston Salem (Winston-salem) 100 block of 5 Royales Dr 0 4
26-Sep-16 Texas Humble 21219 Grand Linden Ct 0 4
26-Sep-16 Texas Houston 5450 Weslayan St 1 6
25-Sep-16 Illinois Champaign 300 block of E. Green St 1 3
24-Sep-16 Maryland Baltimore Greenmount Avenue and Preston Street 0 8
23-Sep-16 Washington Burlington 201 Cascade Mall Dr 5 0
18-Sep-16 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 3001 Castor Avenue 0 4
18-Sep-16 Virginia Lynchburg 421 Rivermont Ave 1 3
18-Sep-16 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 1700 block of Brighton Place 0 4
17-Sep-16 Florida Miami 20582 SW 119th Ave 0 6
17-Sep-16 Florida Orlando 3918 Columbia St 1 6
17-Sep-16 Indiana Indianapolis 2016 West 76th Street 2 2
17-Sep-16 District of Columbia Washington 2600 block of Birney Place SE 2 7
16-Sep-16 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 5100 block of Sansom St 2 5
16-Sep-16 California Los Angeles (Hollywood) 555 N Heliotrope Dr 2 2
14-Sep-16 Texas Humble 16000 block of Saybrook 1 3
13-Sep-16 Indiana Fort Wayne 1723 E Wayne St 3 2
11-Sep-16 Indiana Fort Wayne 3006 Holton Avenue 3 1
11-Sep-16 Louisiana New Orleans 2349 S Claiborne Ave 1 5
11-Sep-16 New Jersey Jersey City 87 Van Wagenen Ave 1 3
11-Sep-16 Missouri Kansas City 500 block of Westport Rd 0 6
11-Sep-16 Michigan Saginaw 2207 Pierce Road 0 5
11-Sep-16 North Carolina New Bern 1100 block of Highway 70 0 5
10-Sep-16 Florida Miami 3451 Northwest 36 Street 1 3
8-Sep-16 Texas Del Valle 8330 Linden Rd 4 0
8-Sep-16 Arkansas Hot Springs National Park (Hot Springs) 300 block of Lacey St 1 4
5-Sep-16 Illinois Chicago 2700 block of W Lexington Ave 2 3
5-Sep-16 Pennsylvania Reading 600 block of Moss Street 0 4
4-Sep-16 Virginia Roanoke 1020 Orange Ave NE 1 10



Day 382 – The Numbers are a Joke, Mr. President.

Day 382 – The Numbers are a Joke, Mr. President.

Image from NYAppraisalSource

Mr. President,

Q: What’s the difference between your wife and a golf ball?

A: You know where to find a golf ball.

Sorry for the cheap shot, but the lack of time Melania spends with you is getting a lot of coverage lately. Perhaps too much coverage, given a very serious issue no one is talking about. No, it’s not about the sideshow of you releasing the FBI memo.

It’s about your tax plan, giving the richest of the rich unnecessary tax breaks, that you signed on December 22 and the effect it is already having on the dollar. It ain’t good.

Forget politics. Let’s talk economics. And forget about the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a poor metric to gauge the future of American prosperity, just as the Titanic’s speed before it plowed into an iceberg was a poor indicator of the probability of it arriving safely on the other side of the ocean. (And yet, after writing the first draft of this article on Thursday, the Dow dropped an unholy 666 points on Friday. I’d like to hear your fundamentalist supporters explain that one.)

Let’s take a look at how far the value of the dollar has fallen against three major currencies since the tax plan was passed. The following exchange rate graphs are a snapshot of the last 60 days and come from Don’t get distracted by the name of the site – you won’t find any images of Stormy Daniels in there.

Each red line in the graph marks December 22, 2017 – the day you signed the tax plan.

Here’s how the dollar has fallen against the euro since then:

Value on December 22, 2017: $1 = 0.84308958 euros

Value on February 3, 2018: $1 = 0.80269231 euros

Decline in the dollar: 4.79%

Here’s how it has fared against the British pound:

Value on December 22, 2017: $1 = 0.74847181 pounds

Value on February 3, 2018:  $1 = 0.70832369 pounds

Decline in the dollar: 5.36%

And here it is against the Chinese Yuan Renminbi:

Value on December 22, 2017: $1 = 6.5749084

Value on February 3, 2018:  $1 = 6.2979677

Decline in the dollar: 4.21%

Feel free to play around with the date ranges and any other world currency in the exchange app of your choice if you don’t trust these images. Notice how the value of the dollar follows the same trembling pattern in all of them – a decline that began the day you gave yourself a billion dollar tax cut. They are all marking the same decline for the same reasons: fear and unpredictability of American leadership.

Sure, a four or five percent drop in each currency doesn’t seem like much, but note:

  1. The decline started immediately following the tax cut, and the dollar was rather stable before it.
  2. It has only been six weeks, and we can expect the decline to continue.

With you touting how great the economy is, why don’t you tell us why the dollar is weakening when it should be strengthening?

Forget about the claim that a weaker dollar helps the economy by making exports cheaper. That’s the kind of sophomoric proclamation one would expect from a guy who finances movies about Legos. The reality is that over the long term, a weak dollar means fewer investors seek it as a haven. Investors have begun moving their money elsewhere.

Now let’s take a look at the price of gold during the same time period. The data is taken from

As you are a gold lover, you know its price always skyrockets when people fear volatility and want to put their money in something “safe.” Since you signed the tax bill – and not before – gold has skyrocketed $120 an ounce, from $1,240 to $1,360. That’s a 10% increase in six weeks! It is an indicator of fear of deeply flawed economic policies. And it doesn’t help that every time Fox News is on in our office break room, I witness a barrage of commercials – starting with the one featuring the assertive senior citizen standing on the deck of a battleship – exhorting us to buy more gold.

And now, just the numbers. The following graph courtesy of the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation shows your tax plan will add one TRILLION dollars to the deficit, and that the Government will be unable to pay its debts sooner than expected.

So much for republicans being deficit hawks.  Well, maybe with such a huge increase in the deficit, no one will notice your puny $50 million golfing tab tacked onto it.

All of this was predictable, and you were duly warned. No one listened – especially your party. That’s the saddest joke. Which brings me to this:

Q: What’s the difference between your presidency and the value of the dollar?

A: The value of the dollar will be missed.

No, that awful joke won’t give anyone a chuckle. But by the time the poisonous effect of your tax plan runs its course through our economy, no one will be in the mood to laugh.



Day 341 – A Letter to Baby New Year 2018: We Have A Few Suggestions For You.

Day 341 – A Letter to Baby New Year 2018: We Have A Few Suggestions For You.

Image from Rudolph’s Shiny New Year

Dear 2018,

It’s almost your turn.  Just under a week and we get to see what you bring to the table.  I gotta be honest: unless you were a super-wealthy white man (who also somehow managed to avoid facing consequences for sexual harassment and/or assault), 2017 kinda sucked.

America’s congress wrote up a tax plan notable for being wildly beneficial for the rich and disastrous for the lower and middle classes, who have typically seen their income stagnate or fall any time we try this trickle-down nonsense.

White nationalists, emboldened by an openly racist, sexist president, marched in Charlottesville, proudly throwing Nazi salutes less than 75 years after our “greatest generation” fought that same ideology in Europe.

Trump and his spokespeople spent the year discrediting our news outlets and calling into question even the very idea of empirical truth, a dangerous path for any culture to tread.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, our government did its best to pretend that Puerto Rico wasn’t a part of the United States and that its people, suffering and dying, were not citizens.

Hell, 2017 killed off Tom Petty, which is definitely not cool.

I know it’s common for individuals to make resolutions at this time of year – to be more politically active, to fight to restore political power to a true majority of Americans, or to continue struggling to make good on those democratic ideals upon which the country is founded – but here, in this letter, I’d like to request that you, 2018, make a few resolutions for us.  I have some suggestions:

That those Republicans in Congress who voted for this latest round of wealth redistribution face their constituents in person, in town hall meetings, and at county fairs.  That those who voted to let the ultra-rich continue to rule in comfort have to explain to their constituents why they did so.  That they be honest and direct, mercifully (if only temporarily) free from the disingenuous claims of “middle class relief” and “tax justice.”

That more elected officials see health care as a human right, not a privilege granted only to those lucky enough to afford its ever-ballooning costs.

That Americans stop shooting each other.

That police officers stop shooting unarmed minorities.

That we get a handle on our culture’s seeming obsession with guns and violence and that we develop enough backbone to do something about it, either by working to change that culture or working to make it more difficult to possess and use firearms.

That we no longer buy the nonsense that guns make us safer.

That our president fill a few of the vacant positions in our state department.

That Bob Dylan remains alive for another year.

That those united in strength and resistance on Inauguration Day, 2017, remain united, strong, and active in that resistance.

That those who use their power and privilege as opportunities to sexually assault other men and women be held accountable and pay for their crimes.

That the elections this coming November herald a turn toward sanity, truth, and integrity in our government.  That they mark a commitment to the promises our country has made and the promise our country yet represents for billions of people around the world.

In his poem “Gubbinal,” Wallace Stevens offers a possibility: believe the world to be ugly and sad and, voila, it is so.  Far too much of 2017 was exactly that: ugly and sad, riven by injustice and inhumanity, dishonesty and disinformation.  Let’s make this a better one.  Give us a few reasons to start seeing the world as potentially beautiful, and I resolve that we will make it so.



Day 207 – We’re Not Chumps, Mr. President. Too Little, Too Late.

Day 207 – We’re Not Chumps, Mr. President. Too Little, Too Late.

Photograph by Duncan C

Dear Mr. President,

This past weekend there was a well-publicized white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA. You had a chance to immediately call out the white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, or alt-right extremists responsible for the violence. Instead we had a weak response on Saturday afternoon where you condemned the violence and hatred “on many sides, on many sides,” basically equating the racists with the anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville.

If there ever was a clear cut case of right and wrong, for you this was it. You had everyone in the political spectrum from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to Republican Ted Cruz denouncing the hatred and violence perpetrated by these groups. And it took you two days to figure it out. If I can borrow a phrase from Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo who wrote this Monday morning in anticipation before your afternoon statement, let’s not be chumps.

Let’s not be chumps and be relieved somehow that you have finally done the right thing calling the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, white supremacist, and other hate groups repugnant.  Or believe that you are shy about calling people out. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democrats, liberals, Congress, Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Richard Blumenthal, a gold star family, Muslim terrorists, CNN, the failing NY Times, all the fake news media not to mention people in your own administration (hello, Jeff Sessions) – this is just a short list of folks that you have excoriated, rightly or (mostly) wrongly. Calling out the hate, violence, the bigotry and the perpetrators is what you should have done immediately, maybe even Friday night after the initial tiki torch march. And it would have been easy on Saturday when you waited until after the injuries and death caused by one coward mowing over anti-racist protesters as well as the helicopter accident that killed two state troopers while responding to the violence caused by the racists.

Let’s not be chumps and think you didn’t feel the pressure or hear all the criticism over the last 48 hours and maybe finally decided on your own that another statement was needed to condemn the hatred violence and the evil racists responsible.

Let’s not be chumps and be surprised by the comments of David Duke who applauded your “Make America Great Again” slogan acknowledging its white supremacist origins and, maybe, it’s true meaning. Or be dumbstruck by the post in the Neo Nazi website The Daily Stormer (purposefully not linking to any of this here) which wrote after your comments on Saturday:

Trump comments were good. He didn’t attack us. He just said the nation should come together. Nothing specific against us.

He said that we need to study why people are so angry, and implied that there was hate … on both sides!

So he implied the antifa (antifacists) are haters.

There was virtually no counter-signaling of us at all.

He said he loves us all.

Let’s not be chumps and think you are on the right side of things now, because you weren’t with your persistent birtherism during the Obama administration, or during your campaign blaming Mexico for sending all their rapists, or even later naming a California primary delegate who was the chair of the white nationalist American Freedom Party.

Let’s not be chumps and forget that there are political appointees in your own administration, in the West Wing, that are friendly with and have worked to foment the racist views on display in Charlottesville.

Let’s not be chumps and think you would act as a true leader and fire Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and the other acolytes that follow their way of thinking.

We saw your true face on Saturday and your announcement Monday afternoon just made it worse.  To be honest the only chump is you.





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